It’s Autumn, so I’m migrating!

No, I haven’t turned into a bird and I’m not flying further south for the winter, but I’m really fed up with my prior hosting company’s slow net speeds, frequent downtimes, difficulty in contacting them, and their rudeness when I do manage to get a response. I’ve been with them for something like 4 years, and they were solid at the beginning, but at this point almost any other host would be an improvement in terms of customer service, uptime, and server response times. So I’m done, and I’m gone as soon as I can get the keys from them to transfer my domain names.

This site ( has been built on the new hosting provider, so I don’t have to move it. My personal blog, however, is in the process of copying to the new host as I type, and once I have the keys to transfer the domain names, I’ll be pointing the DNS to the new host ASAP. I’ve got the database all copied over already, so any comments you made over there are intact, as well as all of my posts. 🙂 Even the links I’ve made from PixelScrapper should be all right, with the exception of maybe a few hours’ downtime, if I get the database connected properly on the new server.

On the plus side, this new site is designed and built from the ground up with e-commerce in mind. I’ve begun with an SSL certificate, and have used the 4 years of experience to avoid making a few of the security mistakes that I made on my original personal blog site, so it should be secure for customers’ personal information. (Financial information will be handled by Paypal; I really don’t want to store credit card information, though the encryption is secure enough for that too.) I’ve got the e-commerce plugins set up, got the categories set up, added wishlist functionality and social sharing for products, and I’ll be adding some of my own creations to the integrated store over the next several weeks.

It’ll take a while for me to get it as beautiful as I’d like, since I have the blog train that I’m working on, as well as stock for the store. I’ve got a few element and template packs that just need previews and archives prepared and they’ll be ready to upload, but there will be some empty-looking categories for a while as I ramp up the number of kits available for purchase. Hopefully you’ll be patient while I get this fully in motion. If you just want to pop back in when I’ve added something new, please subscribe to my newsletter. I won’t be sending out a lot of emails–once a week or less, and I intend to include freebies and promotions in them when I do.

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