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I’ve just added something new to help with those New Year’s resolutions to get more organized–a set of DIY templates that will allow you to create your own custom planner pages. I’ve included backgrounds in them, so you could use them as-is if you don’t want to spend a bunch of time customizing.

Flexible Sizing

I’ve created these in an 8.5×11-inch size, so if you’re just starting out with the planner thing and are trying out different sizes, it’s easy to test. My preference is full letter size, because my planner goes in a pocket in a standard zippered student binder with an assortment of physical art supplies, some paper, and my tablet. My mother is the type who prefers to carry a small book in her purse, and for her, I’d recommend scaling these evenly to 50% for a 4.5×5.5 booklet (quarter-sheet). If you like the A5/half-letter size binders, scaling to 78% will give you 5.5×8.5 pages, just right for that. You can also simply set your printer to print 2-up or 4-up.

Calendars… three styles to suit your needs

There’s a 2-page/month monthly calendar with the number grids for perpetual calendars, set up for both US and international (Monday-start) weeks. Turn on the correct weekday names and grids, type in the month name, and add your choice of decorated background paper for a customized planner that you can print off easily. Or, if that’s more work than you’d like to do, just turn on the right weekday names and print them as undated monthly pages with the supplied backgrounds. I’ve also included a 2-page-per-week undated spread and a single page with 2016 and 2017 calendars visible at a glance.

An Organized Life

For your household organization, there’s a shopping list and a cleaning checklist, each set up with 5 weekly checklists and a 6th for monthly chores or special purchases like birthday gifts. I’m printing cleaning on the back of my right-side monthly pages and shopping on the backs of the left ones, which will give me a monthly calendar followed by the cleaning/shopping lists for that month. They could easily be printed back-to-back and used as a separate section for the household.

Beauty is important (if only skin deep)

I’ve also included a cover template if you’re using a view binder or prefer to staple a booklet as I do. It’s layered to be customizable with a stacked paper and a journal card/tag, if you’d like a simpler cover.

Specialty Layout for Scrapbook Design

The last spread included in the pack is set up to help scrapbook designers keep track of all the details that go into making and releasing a kit: theme, name, planned release date, color palette swatches/hex codes, space for lists of elements, word art, and papers, newsletter and blog freebies, CT layouts, uploads….there are a million details, and this spread’s here to help with them! It’s also the whole reason I chose to make my own planner this year–there are a million planners on the market already, but none of them contain any pages useful for organizing kit design projects.

My Finished January Calendar

Finally, here’s a peek into my personal monthly planner calendar for January, after I’ve added bunches of weird holidays and some scaled elements from the massive stash of elements I collected before starting to design my own kits. I add the crazy holidays because sometimes they’ll spark inspiration for a kit or an everyday journal card. The elements are because I don’t buy stickers–just more stuff for me to keep track of and store, and who needs them when I have a whole collection of digital scrapbooking elements and can find something to match almost any weird holiday? This way all I need is a printed finished calendar and a pen to add appointments. HWolf-PlannerTemps_CompletedSample

Check them out in the shop here.

At this point, I’m not planning on releasing a pack of predone flat pages, but I’ll consider it if there’s enough interest–leave a comment below! If you want one, what kind of papers/color scheme would you want? I know this one’s dark, but it could easily be done up in any color or style that suits the rounded rectangles.

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