PixelScrapper February Blog Train – “For the Love…”

Well, January’s almost over, and it’s been a busy month. I’m still working on a mega-kit, but getting closer to being ready for release. I’ve got a bunch of ribbons I’m shooting and extracting for templates for the shop, and I even managed to get to the tote under the sewing machines and find my button box, so I’ll probably release a pack of button templates at some point within the next month or two. But the beginning of a new month means it’s time for PixelScrapper’s blog train, and this month’s palette is full of raspberry and chocolate tones, plus touches of caramel and icy blue. Here’s the palette, linked to the main blog train thread at PixelScrapper.

I’ve got a kit full of yummy stuff for you this month, including 5 matching heart-patterned ribbons and bows, a couple of boxes of Valentine’s candy (with a sheer glitter-patterned ribbon which was a pain to extract properly!), satin hearts and candy scatters, and some baked goods with a little personal significance. First up, the red velvet cupcake is the one that was my breakfast last month in the sleep lab, when I had to do that sleep study the night before my birthday. I shot the empty wrapper when I was finished, too, just because it helps end the visual story. The cake was this year’s birthday cake that same night. The cookies are really special, though–they’re from the batch I made a few days after getting my CPAP, a little celebration of having the energy to actually bake something. (In case you’re wondering, they’re oatmeal craisin white chocolate macadamia.)

Speaking of the CPAP, the fight to get it is over, and it’s made a night and day difference in my ability to function. The dishes are caught up, since my energy levels no longer make cooking and dishes in the same day an either/or proposition. The bathroom actually smells clean; there’s no longer noticeable dirt outside traffic patterns due to me not having the energy to push a vacuum. And now that apartment isn’t such a sty, it’s not dragging my mood down even further. Also, having enough energy to cook and clean means I have energy to make things that take more work to cook, especially chopping fresh veggies, which might well allow me to reduce the frequency and severity of my lupus and fibromyalgia flareups due to more nutritious food. 😀

Anyway, here’s what I’ve got for you:


There are a few freebie cluster templates in the previous post, if you want to stop by and pick them up. Once you’re done here, don’t forget to head back to the main thread at PixelScrapper and pick up the other gorgeous parts of this train!

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    • Holly Wolf

      I’m glad, too… the apartment is actually approaching clean enough that I wouldn’t be embarrassed if my parents dropped by unannounced–luckily, that won’t happen as they live several states away, but the apartment still looks like it’s been cleaned in the last couple of weeks. (It was getting really bad, to the point where I was worried about someone reporting it to housing inspection, but I didn’t physically have the energy to do more than catch up on dishes, take trash out, and maybe clean the bathroom counter and toilet…and I was lucky if I managed to get those done once every couple of weeks.) So for me to have the energy to get it cleaned up from close to a year of only getting the essentials like food contact surfaces and some bathroom fixtures done, and then still have energy to make cookies, shoot and extract elements…yeah, that’s one MAJOR improvement. My back still gives me issues and the lupus and fibromyalgia still flare up, but they don’t seem as severe as they did a few months ago. Maybe it’s all that restorative sleep instead of waking up feeling as tired as when I went to bed? 😉

  1. katherine rose

    Thanks a lot Holly! I’m so happy for you that you have more energy now!

  2. Deborah

    Thank you for putting time and effort into this for us! I’m glad your CPAP made such a difference for you!

  3. Галина

    Великолепный набор !!! Большое спасибо !!!

    • Holly Wolf

      Пожалуйста, и спасибо за прекрасные комментарии, тоже… 🙂 Я наслаждался его создания!

      Прошло уже несколько лет с тех пор я использовала моих русских языковых классов, хотя я изучала 4 семестра тогда. Я забыла гораздо больше слов, чем я помнила, но как минимум я помню некоторые из грамматики!

  4. Pamela

    Hello Holly, I am thrilled to hear that your CPAP is helping you so much! I am sorry that you have so many health problems confronting you. I admire your courage and positive attitude! I hope that you continue to see improvements with your energy and sleep! Thank you for your your lovely kit! Best wishes, Pamela in Ontario, Canada

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