PixelScrapper January Blog Train – “Crafty Evening”

This month’s theme is “Crafty Evening”, and the muted palette evokes thoughts of working on some project, a mug of some hot beverage nearby. I don’t have a huge kit for you this month like I did in December, but I broke out the watercolors and actual brushes and painted some things you can use as masks or mattes. I’ve been spending what time I’ve been awake working on a couple of other projects–a set of 8.5×11-format planner pages (which can, of course, easily be scaled to 50% to if you prefer 5.5×8.5) and a megakit that will be being released in monthly installments. I hope to have the planner templates in the shop yet this weekend, and the starter kit for the mega-collection will probably be released within a week.

The quest for real restful sleep continues–apparently part of the reason CPAP couldn’t be approved is that the more recent sleep study didn’t count because Medicare raised the amount of REM needed for it to be accepted. And, of course, the change was effective for all requests made after the change date, regardless of whether the study report met the requirements on the date it was performed. So I got to go and do yet another one…and wake up in the sleep lab on my birthday. *sigh* On the plus side, the sleep lab techs sang Happy Birthday after they woke me up (with an awkward look between them before they started and some confusion on words, which left us all laughing afterwards), and had a red velvet cupcake for breakfast. At least I started the day with a smile! Still, I do hope that the next time I see them, it’ll be bumping into each other at Walmart or something rather than at the sleep lab–I’ve had to be in there often enough over the last 6 months that they remember me!

So here’s the palette, linked to the main blog train thread at PixelScrapper:

And here’s my preview:


Don’t forget to head back to the PixelScrapper thread and get all the other portions–there are some gorgeous submissions this month! I should be back within a couple of days to release the planner templates.

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  1. Patricia

    Thanks for your contribution, sorry to read about such frustrating CPAP incidents, you and my BFF at PixelScrapper, Sally sure could share stories she has a lot of the same problems as you. God Bless You, I bought her for Christmas a Tee Shirt that says Scrapbooking is the best medicine. We laugh about it because I pushed her into Digital Scrapbook Designing again to get her out of her then state of depression and it worked, it has helped her so very much but it is certainly not fool proof because physical conditions can get anyone down at times. I will keep you in my prayers.

    • Holly Wolf

      Yeah, Sally and I have already compared notes on the conditions lists. I’m hoping her conditions ease up so that she can do more again. You’re quite correct that physical conditions can get anyone down sometimes; I’m generally an optimistic, if slightly cynical, person–but months of lousy sleep and the rotating wheel of “which one’s gonna flare up today?” were wearing on me for the last half of 2015. Thankfully, 2015’s over and I can put it in the past and focus on making 2016 a fantastic year–90% of it is in my attitude, so I should be all right providing I can manage the chronic conditions to limit flareups. It’s way more difficult to break out of the cycle of stress>flareup>inflammation>pain>lousy sleep>stress than it is to stick to the lifestyle modifications that help me limit the number that start up!

      I just got a call from the doctor’s office–my AHI on this last sleep study was high enough that I should get a CPAP and mask covered, and the titration study they did back in October is still valid, so if they have the machine and mask in stock, I might be getting real sleep again in just a few days. 🙂 It’s been a LONG process getting to this point, though really, I’m pretty much just back to where I was in November…but we’ve gone back and double-checked and dotted i’s and crossed t’s, so it should work out.

  2. Mary

    Beautiful!!! Love the smears!!! The craft items are beautiful!!! The papers are stunning!!! Thank you so much for sharing!!!

  3. Brea B

    Thanks so much for sharing your portion of the blog train with all of us! I’m diggin on the carnation, craft knife, and papers! Thanks again, Holly!

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