New in the Shop: Two HUGE Journal Card Template Packs!

I’ve just added the second of two large bundles of journal card templates to the shop. Between the two, there are 80 individual card layouts–40 styles, each in 3×4 and 4×6 sizes.

Back to Basics

I needed a set of basic journal card templates that could go with almost any kit, and this is the result.
I’ve made both 4×3 and 4×6 variants of each and saved them as layered PSD. Check them out in the shop HERE; they’re $3.99.

Not Too Basic

Once I had basics made, I started making some that have a little less basic look…shapes beyond basic rectangles, circles and labels, a few more layers, maybe some stitching or buttons or scatters. They’re still basic enough to go with nearly any kit, but they’re not TOO basic so as to be boring.
They’re located HERE in the shop, and priced at $4.99 for the pack of 40 templates.

Why so many?

I’ve gone a little template crazy this month, as it was about all I could manage to do for a while. I can create template layouts even when my mind is numbed with shock, or in too much turmoil to create elements–and that was certainly the case early this month. We got word around March 27th that my cousin was in the hospital after collapsing with peritonitis. Ten days and six surgeries later she was diagnosed with cancer, along with the news that it’s stage 4 and she’s too weak for chemo–so the doctors were giving her about two weeks to live. I haven’t gotten a call yet saying she’s passed on, but without a miracle, she doesn’t have much time left. I’m 6 states away and can’t afford to visit, or even make it to a memorial–I’m currently searching for a new roommate and might need that money for rent if I can’t find one before the end of the month. Her diagnosis came in 3 days before her 47th birthday, so I was in no headspace to work on the current PixelScrapper blog train, which has a Happy Birthday theme. I just couldn’t continue to draw without breaking down in tears. (I should at least have the elements I drew earlier in the month for you when the 1st comes around, though.) So I started making journal card templates and managed to get in the zone. When I stopped a few days later, I had nearly 200 of them…so expect to see a few more added to the shop over the next weeks!

[Update:] I managed to go through my photos of my cousin and make a birthday layout with my favorite photo of her, using a template Paddy Wolf created for the upcoming blog train and needed tested, which I uploaded to Facebook for my cousin to see. She did manage to see it before she passed away on the 23rd, 15 days after being told she had two weeks. But I did most of my crying before she actually passed, and was able to participate in the Pass the Kit challenge held at PixelScrapper starting on the 15th, so scrap therapy has definitely been helpful this month!

A Little Something For You

I’ve got a couple of freebies here for you, too. In keeping with the bundles, they’re fairly basic styles that will work with lots of kits. Just click the image to download. 🙂

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    • Holly Wolf

      I’ve checked it half a dozen times with different computers and browsers, and had friends download and test the zip file, and I can’t get an error when unzipping. Is it possible your download somehow got messed up on the way, and trying to re-download it could fix the issue?

      I’ll email you a copy directly; it’s not that big.

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