PixelScrapper April Blog Train – “Life in Full Bloom”

It’s a beautiful April Fool’s Day here in Tennessee, and since it’s the first, I’ve got a new blog train for you. I’ve also added some new stuff to the shop recently, and I’ll tell you about that in a bit, but let me show off this palette first. It’s light, but somewhat muted, perfect for letting those shots of your spring gardens take center stage. (Image is linked to the main thread at PixelScrapper, as usual.)


I’ve got two things for you this month–a small papers/elements kit and a pack of templates. All of them are CU-friendly with credit, including freebies. The elements in here match two CU template kits I released over the last couple of weeks–Handpainted Ornate Frames and Velvet Ribbon Templates. I do intend to create more kits like them, though I haven’t got those ready for release yet.


The other pack has a layout template and 4 different 3×4 journal card templates (plus an alternate layout for one of them), all CU-friendly. I’ve done a bit with skewing some of the flowers to give the appearance of being pointing other directions besides straight at you. You can achieve the same effect yourself in Photoshop by holding down Ctrl while you’re transforming a flower, then clicking and dragging a corner to warp it. It works best on daisies and other big round flowers, and when used somewhat subtly, just a few degrees off straight on; if you want to make a more drastic change of angle (up to a 45-degree angle appearance is possible), you’ll also need to enter warp mode and move the center toward the edge you want to be in back.


Recent Releases

I’ve added a few neat CU templates to the shop recently; they’re worth checking out if you’ve got the time, even just to ooh and ahh…and if you look in the blog posts for them, you might just find a freebie or two.

This set of stacker templates were an early February release, but they’ll go beautifully with the Life in Full Bloom theme, so I’m linking them in case you haven’t seen them yet. (There’s a freebie in the new release post, as well…so yet another CU template in this post if you’ve read this far!)

Blog Train Downloads

Mini Kit
Templates Pack

After you’ve grabbed all the goodies here, don’t forget to head back to the final list thread at PixelScrapper and grab all the other lovely designs made for you this month!

22 Responses

  1. Graciela

    Awesome! I love colours palette. Thank you so much for the beautiful stuff <3

  2. LeeAnn

    Thank you for the mini kit and the templates. I will be using them! Thank you also for the tip about skewing the flowers. I hadn’t thought to try that.

  3. Jo

    Thank you so much Holly for the mini kit and templates. They’re wonderful 🙂

  4. Peggy S

    These are great! Thank you for all your time. I need to check out your CU stuff. Gorgeous ribbons!

  5. Pamela Richardson

    Thank you so much, Holly, for your gorgeous kit this month! I really like your twirly ribbons and the lovely rose! I appreciate your generosity in sharing your hard work and creating the kits for the Pixel Scrapper blog trains! Best wishes to you! I hope that you are feeling better, as I recall that you are dealing with some very significant health problems! Thank you again, from Pamela, in Ontario, Canada

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