PixelScrapper Pass The Kit Challenge (Advanced Team)

I’ve been keeping busy for the last couple of weeks working on a PixelScrapper Designer Challenge called “Pass the Kit” — it’s a collaborative kit design challenge where we add an element or paper and pass it on to the next person. We were assigned a color palette, and based on the rainbow we were given to work with, we chose to do a kit focusing on getting out and enjoying spring. Walks with the dog, picnics in the park, flying kites, riding bikes, skating, barbecues, sunshine, windy days and the smell of lilacs were all inspirations for this theme, along with spring festivals. We’ve designed things for 14 days, and now we’ve got a brand new kit for you to download!

Elizabeth was kind enough to do combined previews for the full kit, so I’m simply going to use them to show off the whole kit. You’ll need to download each person’s portion individually from their blog, but there are only a few of us, so it shouldn’t be too horrible.

As a group, we made a lot of papers, though I only contributed a few of them. Paddy loved one of my elements so much that she used parts of it to make two more papers, though. 🙂

The elements previews took a while with so many of us creating for this, but I was a busy girl while we were making elements–I painted flowers, a pinata and an inline skate, added some extracted flowers, frames, a ribbon and some leaves, and then turned my attention to making some journal cards and word art.

Here are the journal cards that we made for this challenge. It was primarily Paddy and I making journal cards.

And this is the word art I made to go with this kit. The script is Justin Road (free), the serif is Leander (also free), and the tall skinny hand-drawn sans is Tall Abbey, a paid font from a wonderfully friendly type and texture designer named Tom Chalky. Tall Abbey is rapidly becoming one of my favorites, because it plays very well with LOTS of other typefaces! Paddy made a few stickers and word bits that could also be considered word art, but they got put in with the elements. She also created the crisp wooden alpha shown below to help you add titles to your pages.

My portions are generally CU-friendly with a few exceptions (PU/CU in the filename denotes license terms), though I know some others are making PU-only parts.


Holly Wolf Scraps (my portion) — Google Drive
Elizabeth Minkus
JIC Creations
Lorien’s Workshop
Paddy Wolf

9 Responses

  1. Elizabeth

    Wow! this looks awesome!! and the word arts looks tons better!! thanks! em

  2. Sarah

    Thank you so much, Holly – the entire kit is gorgeous & your word arts, in particular, are divine (& as a font nerd, I’m especially grateful you IDed the fonts for me!).

  3. Graciela

    Gorgeous!!! Thank you so much for sharing this amazing stuff <3 thanks once again

  4. Katrina Layer

    Do you happen to have an updated link to Lorein’s Workshop? The one given doesn’t seem to be working.

    • Holly Wolf

      I’ve sent her a message to check with her, but haven’t yet seen a response. I’ll let you know when I do.

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