PixelScrapper CU Blog Train – “Summer Art”

This month’s commercial-use blog train over at PixelScrapper has the theme “Summer Art”. You’ll find everything from sunny borders to layered floral papers, bikinis and paint splatters in this one, including these beachy little chalk drawings I’ve created for you. I hope you find them useful; I may have something to scrap with them myself after tomorrow, as I’m going with my roommate to an adaptive water activities day. They’re apparently doing kayaking and water skiing, among other things, so I’m sure I’ll be absolutely done in for a couple of days afterwards, maybe even a week…but I haven’t gotten to go swimming in years and I’m going, regardless of whether all that UV exposure is going to cause a flareup.

As with everything in this train, these are commercial-use friendly. The templates are layered by color, so it should be easy to clip any color to them for that hand-drawn chalk-art look. The linework is on its own layer as well, so you could use just that layer if you want a simple chalk doodle. I especially love them with all their layers on a gray concrete-textured paper, but they’ll look just as well overlaid on asphalt, blackboard, or even fabric. Just click the image above to download, or click HERE!

When you’re done, the rest of the train can be found in this thread at PixelScrapper.

Happy scrapping–I’m off to get some sleep so I’m well-rested for tomorrow!

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