New in the Shop: Spoon Templates (plus a pretty freebie cluster)

I’ve been working for a while on a chronic illness kit, based around Christine Miserandino’s excellent piece “The Spoon Theory”, which explains how having a chronic illness means having a variable energy budget and how something as simple as getting dressed requires considering whether you can work buttons or tie laces that day. While I’m still not finished with it (my own chronic illnesses, plus a move and a dog I’m starting to train for mobility work are taking lots of my time), I have gotten the assortment of spoons I shot for it extracted and ready to go as templates in the shop. Like all my templates, they’re CU, CT and freebie-friendly. Check them out HERE.

I also made a little freebie using some of the portions of the “The Spoonie Life” kit I HAVE gotten finished, showcasing one of the spoons and a piece of word art, plus a portion of the papers from the kit. It’s personal use only, and I’ve pre-shadowed it because of the paint that is its base layer. Grab it by clicking the image below.

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