PixelScrapper CU Blog Train – “Paints”

I’ve been rather MIA for the last couple of months, as I moved apartments and then spent 6 weeks battling down the resulting chronic illness flareup, but I’m back and I have goodies for you!

This month’s CU blog train theme is Paints, and I’m bringing you 2 artsy papers as fully-layered PSDs. All you should need to do is clip color overlays to match your kit’s palette, then save as a flattened file. While they’re possible to use for personal use as well, you should be aware these will be a little more work that an existing flattened paper; that said, if you’re doing a page with elements from multiple kits and need a paper that will work with both, it’s really easy to choose colors from each and put them in a custom-mixed paper for a coherent-looking page! The image below is linked to your download.


Once you’ve grabbed these from me, be sure to head back over to the Designer Challenges forum at PixelScrapper to grab the other designers’ contributions!

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  1. Maaike

    Looks great, thank you Holly! Also great you offer these with layers, great for easy recoloring!

    • Holly Wolf

      Thanks for your kind words, Maaike. 🙂 I love to have flexibility in my templates, and considering how often I use several colors from my palette in making an artsy paper, it only made sense to leave it all layered and ready for recoloring if desired. If, however, someone’s pressed for time, changing the background color will make a lovely tonal paper as well.

      I hope you get as much enjoyment out of these as I did creating them! 🙂

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