New in the Shop: “Askew” and “Floral Clusters” JC Temps, Upcoming Newsletter Freebie

Welcome! Sorry it’s been a while!

Life’s been a little crazy lately, and I didn’t manage to get the release posts done for these–they’ve been up in the shop for a couple of weeks already, and not a peep on the blog from me! Dog training and being ill have kept me from getting as much done online as I’d have liked, but here’s your official notice: there are two new packs of journal card templates in the shop, and they have very different characters. I did manage to get my blog train post scheduled before I got sick, so while you might not have noticed me missing, I certainly was… 🙂

Askew Journal Card Templates

The first set, “Askew”, are all based on off angles to help lead your viewers’ eyes around your layouts. A lot of pocket layouts seem to end up in a very static-looking, gridded-off rut, and I want to help you put some life into your pages and your card designs. The pack has 6 different layouts in 3×4 and 6 coordinating 4×6 layouts that riff off the 3×4 ones without being just a resized version of them.

Floral Clusters Journal Card Templates

The second set is designed to give you some fantastic clustered cards to help add some extra dimension. I don’t see these being an everyday card unless you build a few from a kit you’re using for a whole scrapbook; there are a LOT of layers to these and definitely for the clustering lovers! My vision when I was making them was more along the lines of a title card for the month, or something for Mother’s Day or Easter, or maybe a wedding or anniversary. This pack has 4 base 3×4 template designs, and 4 similar-but-not-exact 4×6 templates to match.

To The Shop!!

Check both kits out in the shop under the Journal Card Templates category.

Newsletter Signup–Freebie coming this weekend!

If you’re signed up for my newsletter, you’ll be getting a freebie in it this weekend. It’s a CU4CU “universal alpha” that I’ve made for a designer challenge at PixelScrapper, and I think it strikes just the right balance to go with any kit, subject, or layout you want to create. It took me more time finding just the right typeface than creating the base A-Z and 0-9 alpha in Illustrator and Photoshop, so I added accented and special characters to cover most Latin-alphabet-based languages. All together, I’ve made 168 of these black-and-white chipboard glyphs for this alpha, so you should be able to write anything you want with it, in Swedish, German, French, Spanish, Hungarian, or Irish Gaelic.

So, if you haven’t already signed up, it’s a great time to do so! I promise not to spam you with an email every 2-3 days like some designers do; in fact, I really should keep in touch more, but I’ve always been horrible at writing letters. 😉 Anyway, I usually include a freebie when I do send a newsletter out, so it’s definitely worth reading them!

Newsletter signup

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