New in the Shop: Border Templates!

I’ve just added 4 new commercial-use packs of layered border templates to the shop, ready to help you make fabulous borders for your pages or add-on packs for your kit designs. I’ve had some of these in the backlog of things to get added to the shop for months, but a Designer Challenge over at PixelScrapper provided the reminder that I haven’t put anything new besides journal cards in the shop for a while, so they’re finally here. There’s enough variety in the styles that at least one type should work with any kit you can dream up. The curves work quite well with romantic and artsy styles and more feminine layouts, while shapes and ribbons can jazz up a layout for that special guy without making him say it’s too girly. X’s mark placement for optional additional elements or clusters.

The first two packs are layered curves–anywhere from 2-4 curve layers per border.

The next pack is simple ribbons, perfect for minimal layouts, but they also provide a great springboard for adding some clustering for a stunning romantic border.

The last pack added to the shop is Shape Borders 1; they’re great for everyday kits and minimal layouts, not so frilly the guys will grumble, but still adding interest to your page.

You can check them all out in the shop HERE. Each pack is priced at $1.99.

A Freebie Sampler

Like most times when I put new template packs in the shop, I’ve got a freebie for you. Tonight’s is a further set of 5 borders, but these differ from the others in that I’ve created clusters to go with them instead of just leaving them as starters. They’re still commercial-use friendly when used as templates or with your own clustering, as long as your finished borders are flattened.

Just click the image to download directly.

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