PixelScrapper Patron Design Request : Sports Trading Card Templates

There was a request over at Pixel Scrapper in the patron design requests forum for some sports trading card templates. I spent an afternoon (and most of the evening) creating some, and then the folder got lost in my backlog of things to get QC’d, zipped, and posted… But I was reminded of them recently, so I’ve made the push today to get them out.

All of them are saved at classic trading card size (2.5×3.5 inches) at 300 ppi. Add your team colors and photos, add the appropriate ball and team mascot images, edit the text layers (all free CU-ok fonts used, link to the College family in the Credits document) and you’ve got trading cards in styles from the 1950s up to modern times. Have fun!

You can download them HERE, or click on the image below.

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    • Holly Wolf

      You’re more than welcome, Bonnie! I hope they’ll work well for everyone who wants such a thing.

  1. Karen

    These are perfect for my back to school theme; however, I do not know how to open the files so I can edit them. Any helpful solutions

    • Holly Wolf

      These are layered PSD files. You’ll need Photoshop, Photoshop Elements, Paint Shop Pro, GIMP or another program that can open PSDs. If budget is a concern, GIMP is free and open-source, and can do 95% of what Photoshop can do, if you learn how to use it. It’s available free at gimp.org.

      Once you have a program to use, work on a copy of your template rather than the original so you don’t accidentally save it in a now-unusable format… Research how to do a clipping mask in your program (it’s pretty variable: Photoshop makes it really easy, GIMP requires some workarounds, but you can’t beat the price) and clip photos to the gray layers. The text should be editable; if not, just replace the layer with what you need it to say. Change colors on the edges to your team colors and flatten the finished cards.

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