• 8 Neutral Papers
  • Elements and Frames
  • 120+ 3x4 Title Cards
  • 3x4 Journal Cards
  • 4x6 Journal Cards
  • 40 4x6 Journaling Prompts
  • Photo Overlay Strips
  • Stapled Numbered Tags
  • 3x4 Perpetual Calendars
  • Editable Date Tags & Overlays
  • 8.5 x 11 Pocket Templates
  • Corner Rounders!

PixelScrapper March Blog Train – “In The Pocket”

This month’s blog train over at PixelScrapper is looking like it’s going to be HUGE; I know my portion of it definitely is! When we were discussing this, there were several of us wanting to do a “stash builder” theme–a whole train full of mostly neutrals that could go with almost any kit, even a mini, and extend it into being able to scrap an entire album. Others wanted a pocket scrapping (Project Life, etc.) theme, focused on journal cards and little elements that could be tucked into or stuck on top of a pocket layout. We settled on the “In the Pocket” theme, but with a primary palette of neutrals and a secondary palette of “pop colors” to accent the browns and greys. Here’s the header image/palette from the Final List thread (linked to the thread over at PixelScrapper, as usual):

PixelScrapper March 2017 Blog Train Palette

I love the concept of an everyday-friendly theme for people doing photobooks for the entire year rather than just a few highlights, and I know that coming up with 365 new layouts out of a kit is something that will require a fair bit of variety. I chose to go with a rough tan paperboard as my primary color/texture, combining it with black, white, grey, an icy aqua, and navy…though a couple of pops of orange snuck in on a couple of journal cards! This is one of those themes and palettes where I got rolling and just didn’t stop, so I’ve got a TON of things for you to download this month!

Papers & Elements

First off, I’ve made you a pack of 12×12 papers so the traditional scrappers can use this kit, too. They’re very neutral, so they should work with any kit. Since I didn’t modify a couple of paper templates from PixelScrapper, these are personal use. Oh, see that damask on the left? I’ve finally succeeded in making a repeating damask pattern from scratch! You get to enjoy it in black and white here, though it’ll show up in a few other places in this kit as well. Just click the preview below to grab them for your own stash, or get them here.

Next up are the elements. Pocket scrapping doesn’t use a lot of them, mostly little tags and stickers that can fit in the pockets or be stuck on a card, but I’m trying not to leave out scrappers who prefer to make traditional layouts. I’ve made some frames that’ll fit into standard 3×4 and 4×6 pockets to frame your photos, but traditional scrappers could use them as-is or as a mat inside another frame, too. There are several flowers and a few pieces of foliage, a few tags to tuck behind your cards in the pockets, a couple of charms, some washi, some buttons, and a few ribbons, plus a piece of white-on-white damask vellum. Lots of these use the pale aqua and/or the navy blue, but if your pages are primarily neutral plus photos, that shouldn’t be an issue. They’re all commercial use, if you choose to use them in your own kits. Download here or click the preview.

Journal Cards

It wouldn’t be pocket scrapping without journal cards, and I’ve dug through the templates I have in the shop and created some for you. This set is for personal use, since most of the templates are for sale–but I’m having a sale on all journal card templates through March 15th if you really want to use them commercially! I’ve put a variety of 3×4 and 4×6 cards together, mostly designed for journaling, but there are some title and filler card styles in the mix as well. Most of them have at least one dimensional layer on them, as well, to make it easier for people who are using mobile apps to scrap pages with some shadowing, as the PL app doesn’t let you shadow elements. Both images are linked to the same file, or you can get them here.

Journaling Prompts

One of the first things I created for this train was a set of commercial use 4×6 cards with journaling prompts, since I recall a few people saying they wished they had more journal cards that were actually designed for journaling. The simple black and white on tan should go with almost anything, and I chose 39 words and phrases that should cover most situations, from Congrats! to Uh-Oh! to Say What?, In Review, Busy Busy, Right Now, Today, and Love You! If there’s nothing that relates, I’ve included a card with a blank edge so you can add your own prompt. Click the preview or grab them here.

Title Cards

Title cards are just as important as cards to put the story on, and a couple of well-chosen ones plus a journal card can be all you need to add to your photos for a good-looking pocket layout. I chose to go with white on textured paperboard for most of them, with black script and a simple graphic for special occasions. There are around 120 of them in this pack, but if there’s a situation that’s really not covered by any of the phrases already included, let me know in comments and I’ll create some more! I really want this to be a useful year-round kit. 🙂 Obviously, there’s no way to show that many cards in a preview, so I only picked a handful of them. They’re commercial use, too–download by clicking the preview or clicking here.

Photo Overlay Strips

Late in the month, I added this set of photo overlay strips to the bundle. I love how flexible these are; they’re great for adding a title to anything. At 6″ long, they’ll reach across a 4×6 journal card, but I’ve kept the text to the center 3″ of them so they can work on 3×4 cards too. You can also resize them and use the whole 6″ across a 3×4 card in order to fit several strips on it to put a longer phrase on a title card if you choose. Leave the background show through, or back them with another paper. Take several and make a frame around your image, or put a strip across a tall image for an easy title card. These are commercial use; grab them here or click the image.

Perpetual Calendars & Date Tag Templates

You need to put dates on to keep track of when things happened, so why not make them part of the layout? The problem is that doing individual tags for everything takes up LOTS of hard drive space unless you simply do month tags, date tags, weekday tags, and year tags… I’ve created a set of perpetual calendar cards to do this rather than wasting the space. Just grab the correct month card (also usable without the calendar for journaling if you’d prefer), a strip for the weekdays (or make one in your language), and the correct grid of numbers, add a tag for the year or maybe a little cluster instead, and you’ve got calendars for any month you need (and the ZIP is tiny at 1.95MB!) These are commercial use as well; get them here or click the preview.

By the same token, sometimes you just want to put a small tag for the date, or even simply overlay it on your photo; that’s where this little pack of commercial use date tags comes in. There are two 3×4 overlays, a 1×3 overlay that could be used on a strip of paper or simply put over a photo, and several small bits ranging from tiny tags to a stamped photo corner and a square glass flair. All have editable text and are layered PSDs. These won’t be too helpful if you’re an app scrapper, but they should be usable for anyone using a program that handles layers, and hybrid scrappers can edit and print just what they need. As with all of these, click the preview or here to download.

I did make one little set of stapled date tags, though; these little commercial use tags are about half an inch wide, so they won’t cover up huge amounts of your photo. I could see them laid over a string to make a banner of the dates for a weekly layout, too. I also included a zero so you can use them to tag up a year if you wish. Get them here or click the preview.

Letter-Size Pocket Layout Templates

A hybrid scrapper specifically requested some letter-size pocket templates, so I made a pack. They’re commercial use, too, which includes CT layouts; try using them with a stacked border for a less-standard 12×12 page. Click the preview to get your own copy, or download here.

Corner Rounders

In case you missed them earlier, I released a little set of pocket shapers back at the beginning of the month in my freebie thread at PixelScrapper. They’re nothing special, just clipping masks for pretty much any size you end up with on a 12×12 pocket page, in three different corner radii. No more hassle making templates, just drag them into place. No hassle clipping corners, either–place under your cards and clip to the masks. Of course they’re commercial use friendly, as they’re just a timesaving tool rather than something that takes effort to design. Grab them here or click the preview.

Hybrid Scrapper Pack

While I don’t yet have the title cards or papers all saved in untextured forms, I have saved the calendar cards, journaling prompt cards, photo strips, and the number tags without textures. If you’re the type who prints things out rather than going fully digital, these are the versions to let your cardstock’s texture shine. Get the hybrid pack here.

PL App User Pre-Shadowed Elements Pack

I’m finishing this up as I write this on the 27th, so it’s not uploaded just yet. This is a placeholder for it atm.
Since someone mentioned that the official PL Android app doesn’t allow you to add shadows to your elements or cards, and requested some 3D-ish cards for that purpose, I included a few in the Journal Card pack. I’ve also gone through the elements pack and added shadows to the elements and frames so you can just lay them over your card layout and have a page that’s not so flat. There are a couple of frames with clusters and a cluster with shadows as well (the same cluster without outside shadows is included in the regular elements pack, but isn’t real useful for PL app users). Grab the shadowed elements pack here.

Now that you’ve downloaded everything you’d like from my blog train portion, head back to the main thread at PixelScrapper to get the other portions of this fantastic train! If you want to stop by the shop first so you can take advantage of the sale on journal card templates, they’re right this way; use discount code JCTMP30OFF, good through March 15th.

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    • Holly Wolf

      I love perpetual calendars; my aunt had one that she used on her desk for decades, and it always struck me as a great idea to just buy something that didn’t need to be replaced every year. Making a simple digital version seemed like a fantastic addition to this train! And of course, since the grids and weekdays are PNG, you can add them to any other background you want, or on a traditional layout; I’m actually planning on recoloring them to white and using them for my monthly desktop wallpapers!

  1. Kayla Blanton

    Thanks Holly! Always look forward to downloading and enjoying your blog train contribution! 😉

  2. Diane

    Thank you, Holly. You always add that special “something” to each blog train.

  3. noeleen byrne

    oh my goodness, I thought it was never going to end, you are amazingly talented and generous, thank you so much, x x x x x x

    • Holly Wolf

      Haha, I was wondering if the process of getting it all QC’d, zipped, and uploaded was ever going to end…I started working on that on the 22nd. It’s a good thing I don’t make massive kits like this every blog train! 😀 This one just kept throwing good ideas at me, so I had to keep making things for it.

  4. Phyllis

    Thank you, Holly, for all the goodies! I really appreciate the letter sized layout templates and the shape templates.

  5. Maaike

    Thanks a lot for your wonderful contribution. And congrats on making your own damask pattern! It is beautiful!

    • Holly Wolf

      It literally took me all day and most of the evening to make that damask pattern, but I’m quite happy with the way it turned out! Hopefully the next one won’t take quite so long, though–I was just drained the day after I made this one. Luckily, it was around mid-month, so I had time to recover.

  6. Sarah

    Holly, this is amazing! As a hybrid sort-of-pocket scrapper I am blown away by everything & know I’ll get a lot of use out of everything. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!

    • Holly Wolf

      I’m pretty sure you were one of the ones I had in mind when making this bundle, Sarah. I’m glad to know I succeeded at making a kit you’ll get lots of use out of!

  7. LeeAnn Snare

    Thank you so much for all of your work. It will be a great resource for forever! Thank you again!

  8. Robin

    The perpetual calendar is a great idea! And thank you for the letter sized templates. It’s hard to find them in that size. And the little number tags are cute as they can be!
    Thank you again!

  9. Sunny Rush

    Wow, the skill and the amount of items for this blog train is really awesome! You are really a great designer, and a very kind one, as well. You always have an encouraging word for others.

  10. Jen

    This is a stunningly fabulous kit! Thank you so much for all your work! 🙂

  11. Becca

    What an awesome collection of work! Very talented. Thank you for sharing

  12. Violet

    What wonderful designs! Such a great combination of creative and useful. Everything is great, and my particular favorites are:
    The papers are so wonderful and eye-catching, with the perfect mix of patterns and great combinations of the neutral colors. I’m so admiring that you made that intricate and perfect damask from scratch – any tips or tutorials for me?
    The journal cards are so fun with the bold diagonals and geometrics everywhere, plus it was brilliant to include some shadowed bits for app scrappers.
    The perpetual calendar journal cards are so clever. I’ve seen other card kits sort of like these but nothing quite so cleverly put together. So useful!
    The editable PSD date bits and overlays are my favorite item in your whole bundle. They make me want to go scrap right now! I love the clean style on all of them and you came up with so many different, clever ways to mark the date. I’ve been working on a set of editable date markers myself (we both have a little tag one, great minds, eh?) and think in general that date bits are a wonderful addition to our pocket pages.
    The 8.5×11 templates are simply beautiful. I love the way you used color on them and the layouts are great. I have to admit I tried to make some 8.5×11 pocket templates, we get so many requests for them, but figuring out the sizes and proportions for the pockets sort of broke my brain.
    Great job! Everything is beautiful and useful, and such a huge, generous offering. Thank you!

    • Holly Wolf

      Coming from someone whose work I’ve always admired, that means SO much, Violet! You’ve highlighted almost all the reasons why I love this bundle in your comments, too.

      As far as the damask, I’m probably going to have to put together a tutorial on that sometime, but basically, it involves making one quarter of it in a smart object which is then duplicated and flipped to create the other 3 quarters. If you edit within the smart object and then save it, you can build one bit at a time. I used a pack of floral custom shapes to create it, but it still took hours.

  13. ViVre

    Thanks so much for the date-bits. Love that you’ve made them editable (and gave the font-names!). That’s so fun to play with. Thanks for the effort!

  14. Amy

    May I just say…HOLY COW! Thank you so much for EvErYtHiNg you contributed. All of the parts are fabulous!!!

  15. DonnaK

    Wow, that’s a lot of work girl! Thank you so much for your time and talent and sharing with us. I like it all. You out-did yourself!!!

  16. Shannon

    Oh my gosh Holly, I don’t even know where to start! This is more than just a “get you started” pack! I’m new to the pocket scrapping world and would like to keep trying so the templates you provided are great. Your contribution will definitely help me jump into the pocket world. Wow! So many great elements- thank you so much!

    • Holly

      Yes, this is intended to be a kit that could stand on its own for a full year if someone chose to make it their primary kit. The full-size papers and elements help make it usable for traditional pages, too.

      While I don’t do a lot of pocket templates, Marisa and Violet have some good ones over at PixelScrapper, and Dawn Prater (Oklahoma Dawn) has quite a few free on her blog besides the template she released for this blog train (or at least she used to). Don’t forget that almost any template can be rotated or flipped for more options, too!

    • Holly Wolf

      You’re quite welcome, Erin. You are one of the people I was thinking of when designing, trying to make it useful for scrapping for your boys but still have some stuff that’d work for “mom time”. There should be enough there to do an album with all the title cards I made!

  17. Cesc

    What a treasure trove! I especially like the vellum and calendar basics. Thanks so much.

  18. Carrie Barron

    Oh my goodness! What a great bundle of awesomeness. I am especially excited for the damask vellum. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

  19. Sandra

    Wow! You have given us the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow! Thanks!

  20. NBaca

    You are amazing. Thank you so much!! I will use these elements for years to come.

  21. Laurel

    Holly, all this is fantastic! Thank you so much for everything. I always look forward to your designs!

  22. Mary

    Thank you so much! I love all these kits, they’ll be very useful 😉
    Thanks again 😉

  23. Bina Greene

    Thank you SO MUCH, Holly, for all these beautiful gifts. I love how versatile your beauties are!! I can see them on a thousand pages being incorporated in all kinds of styles.

  24. molly

    Oh my goodness .. what a bundle of absolute awesomeness 🙂 Every time I scrolled down I was blown away .. you have thought of everything & then some !!! I love the neutral colours and consider you can never have enough!!! I was so excited when I saw this month’s contributions 🙂 I love the pop of navy you included too .. another one of my favourite colours. Thank you so much for your very generous gifts. Hugs

  25. Justine

    Wow wow wow. Thank you so much! LOVE the date bits and the shadowed elements. And the calenders are EXACTLY what I’ve been looking for. Thank you!

  26. Pam K

    What an awesome collection of pocket-style goodies! Thank you so much for sharing everything!!! I really appreciate the letter size templates (not the normal size I scrap) & the pocket shapers as I am working on a special project for my hubby. Again, thanks so much for everything!!

  27. Vicki

    WOW! What a collection of goodies! So glad you thought of those who would rather do a traditional layout instead of a pocket layout. 😀 Thank you so much for sharing all your hard work and talent with us all.

  28. Steph

    This is an incredible collection of everything you could need for journal cards and calendars. Thank you so much for this amazing resource!

  29. Deb B

    Thank you so much for this gigantic package of wonderful bits and pieces. Your generosity is much appreciated.

  30. Mary

    Everything is just amazing and generous!!! The papers are just lovely!!! The flowers are beautiful!!! The lace, frames, and ribbons are all charming!!! The journal and pocket cards are all amazing!!! The overlay strips are so unique!! The calendar is fantastic!!! The templates are stunning!!! The damask pattern is fantastic!!! Congrats on making it yourself!!! Thank you so very much for sharing!!

  31. Penny Bell

    Holly, this is amazing. You are so talented and always very generous. There are tons of things I know I’ll use, but the the 8 1/2 by 11 templates and overlay strips are tied as my favorites. Thank you for all of your hard work!! And going through the pain of the post designing process to share with us.

  32. Tracey Tilson

    Holly… I am Ahhhh-Mazed at everything you have created and generously shared with us all! You are such a talented and knowledgeable designer. I adore everything you create. My only wish is that you lived next door and could tutor me in a “Scrapbooking 101” course! Ever think about doing that online???

    Thank you so much for all of your high quality products!

  33. Brea

    What an amazing contribution! I love, love, love that you kept everyone and all of our different styles of scrapping etc. in mind while making each little piece! I also love that you explained exactly what you were thinking with each set you created! I love getting a peek into people’s creative processes and am so excited to use this one. Thanks so much, Holly!

  34. lizanne

    All I can say is WOW – what a fabulous & generous contribution to PS’ blog train, Holly! I can see me using a lot of the stuff you made – thanks so much! Hope all is going well with you….

  35. miss becki

    Oh. em. gee. This is awesome! I especially love the whole “build your own calendar” thing, but it’s all amazing! Thank you!!! 🙂

  36. Audrée Adam

    Wow! That’s a huge one! Thank you so much and I really appreciate how easy it is to know if your designs are for PU, CU or anything else. It makes it so much easier for me to use them the way they were intended to be used 🙂

    • Holly Wolf

      Yeah, every now and again a palette/theme combo just churns idea after great idea and I end up with a whole pile of things to download… I think this is still one of my three favorites, too. (The December 2015 one and September 2015 are the others–I’ve used them a lot!)

  37. Christie

    Holy. Cow.

    Wow. Thank you SO much for these – and for leaving them up for those of us who are just picking up scrapping again for a, ahem, five year break. :/ Wow, this is beautiful and SO, SO generous of you!! THANK YOU!!!

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