New in the Shop: LOTS of Washi Tape!

Today I’m bringing you a project that has been literally MONTHS in the making–an entire collection of washi tape templates! (I may have a small washi addiction… but that’s a good thing for you, because it means I’m scanning and extracting bits of tape, and you don’t have to!) It would have been up much sooner, but I ended up having to put this on the back burner when my life got overrun by drama, both good and bad. (Short version: fiance broke off a 5-year relationship because he’s depressed about financial stuff, started dating a new guy who’s still fantastic to me after 4 months, and my ex-roommate got our lease voided because she filed a federal complaint about the landlord’s illegal requests re: service dogs, so I had to move with 30 days’ notice. Luckily one of my friends had a spare room and could use some help with rent, so I’m not homeless, but I’m just now fully recovering from the month-long lupus and fibromyalgia flareup triggered by all the stress. It’s been a crazy few months!)

About the Kits

Each kit in the shop has both the original color pieces and grayscale versions of those pieces; 12 solids, 15 metallic patterns, and 20 each for the 5(!) different patterned washi kits. I’ve tried to give each a mix of stripes, chevrons, dots, and a geometric, plus another less-common pattern; each patterned kit has 5 or 6 different patterns included. All are 300dpi PNG formats, sized as shown relative to my 12×12 previews. They’re also all commercial-use friendly, in case you want to add them to a kit you’re designing. 🙂

Get the Bundle and Save!

Since there are so many packs releasing at once, I’m also creating my first bundle; you can pick up all 7 packs in one giant kit if you’d like to feed your own washi addiction, or just want to save some money on them.

Check out all the new kits in the shop by following this link.

Freebie Zone

Of course, it wouldn’t be a new release post without a freebie for you. I’ve got a sampler pack of 16 PNG tapes in their original colors for you to download. This is a commercial-use freebie, but I didn’t include grayscale versions in this pack. Click the image below to download your copy!

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