PixelScrapper July Blog Train – “Summer Lovin'”

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If you’d asked me two weeks ago if I was going to have anything for you in this month’s blog train, I’d have had to tell you I wasn’t sure if I’d have time–I was in the middle of packing to move, and it was coming up on crunch time. But I’ve got my bed and computer desk set up in the new place, so I found time to make you a few papers. (The kitchen’s still a disaster, though; I really should get to that soon. 😉 )

I’m kind of combining this blog train with fulfilling a patron design request; one of the ladies at Pixel Scrapper asked for some neon papers, and since this month’s blog train palette was nearly bright enough to qualify, I played the brightness up by combining it with the palette’s black. They’re pretty basic, but I think they should work with a variety of subjects, not just the summer-themed blog train that the palette comes from. Just remember that a little neon goes a long way!

Pick up your copy of these papers HERE, and then head over to the main thread at PixelScrapper to download the other portions of this bright and cheerful train while I get back to unpacking!

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  1. Bina Greene

    Thank you very much for these beautiful papers, Holly. Best of luck for setting up your new place!

  2. Mary Treusch

    Thank you so much for these beautiful and dramatic papers!

  3. Molly

    Oh my goodness, these papers remind me of my favourite lollies (candies in America I think) .. Licorice Allsorts .. I must not give in to temptation .. I must not give in to temptation … oh, maybe just a few …………. he he he!! Thank you so much, and I hope your new home works out well for you, and you settle in quickly!

  4. Gayle

    Thank-you for taking time from your insanity to share these wonderful papers with all of us. I LOVE the neon colors.
    Blessed Be.

    • Holly Wolf

      Oh, the insanity part of the move is over, and I’m into recovering from the flareup of my chronic illnesses that got triggered by the stress and the time crunch that forced me to overdo it. 🙂 It took all the calming energy my friends could muster to keep me from blowing my stack with my old roommate, though, since she seemed to be doing everything she could to create additional stress by wanting me out a week early and leaving her stuff scattered all over the place so I had nowhere to stage anything until 5 days before she wanted me out, then telling me with 5 days left in the month that anything left there on the morning of the 28th would be assumed was stuff I didn’t want and disposed of accordingly! I managed to get everything out on the 26th, but that added a massive amount of extra stress, not to mention it ticked me off to the point where I chose to drop my keys off prior to the final inspection so that I didn’t have to deal with her any more. Now I’m just reminding myself that she racked up a lot of negative karma this year, and that her life is going to suck if that all comes crashing down on her, and the universe has a nasty way of doing that to people who’ve earned it–all I need to do is de-stress, recover from the flareup, unpack my stuff, and go on living my own life, appreciating that I no longer have her toxic presence in it. 🙂 I’ve got a great group of friends and a wonderfully supportive boyfriend, a nice room with an en-suite bath in a newer duplex for less rent than I was paying there, roommates who actually pay their share of the bills as well as interact beyond saying hi in passing and ask how I’m doing… all in all, I’m in a WAY better place than I was at the turn of the wheel! I’m also relaxing by designing some new templates for my shop, since I need to be sitting with my feet up most of the time while I get this flareup under control.

      Blessed Be to you as well. I hope your Midsummer went well; I spent mine listening to Damh the Bard while I was packing like crazy, though I took an hour out to go float in the pool at the old place! 🙂

  5. gala

    Большое спасибо за чудесные бумаги!

    • Holly Wolf

      Спасибо! Я не знала смысла «чудесные» и должен была проверить мой словарь. Это хорошо для меня, чтобы освежить в моем российском языком — университете было 20 лет назад!

  6. Shannon Maguire

    Awesome papers Holly, thank you! I hope you’ve recovered from the stress of your move!

  7. Mary

    I am glad you are de-stressing and are moved!!! May your world settle completely and give you peace!!! The papers are absolutely stunning!!!! Thank you so much for sharing!!!! Blessed Be!!!

  8. Robyn Denton

    “Can you say… BRIGHT?” These are great, Holly! Thank goodness you are away from your ex-roomie! She sounds like a horrible person, and I hope karma catches up with her VERY soon!! As you said to Gayle, above, she really was a “toxic presence” in your life. Relax and recover, sweetie, and enjoy your new space. <3

  9. Marie H.

    Thank you very much and glad that your living arrangement has improved.

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