“Pixel Scrapper Baby” – A Special Event

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Jordan and Marisa over at PixelScrapper made an announcement back in May that they’re expecting their first baby, and I wanted to have the community do something for them since they’ve done so much for us. I was having trouble figuring out what, though, since people come to the site from around the world. It wasn’t until a Brazilian lady mentioned that she’d participated in a virtual digital scrapbooking baby shower before that I figured out enough of a “where I want to go with this” to actually get something moving (linked to the thread at PixelScrapper), though. Since she’s due in November sometime, we’re doing this around the 8-month mark for her, roughly when a physical baby shower would normally happen.

Along the way, we ended up finding out they’re having a boy, and settling on a palette adapted from the “Oh Baby Baby” blog train that was done a few years ago (mostly just selectively chosen colors from it, plus a neutral grey, so these will coordinate if you have items from that blog train, too!). We even remarked on how odd it is that there’s no universal saying for “have an easy, uncomplicated pregnancy”, despite the fact that pregnancy and childbirth is such a near-universal experience/milestone among women around the world.

I managed to come up with some sweet hand-drawn animals and a few editable clustered tags, which will make it easy for them to document all those precious “firsts” and the rapid growth of that first couple of years, even when short on time or sleep-deprived. I’m particularly thrilled with the way the puppy and lion turned out–they’re sooo stinkin’ sweet! The sheep is a trip down memory lane for me, as my son had one in virtually those colors when he was little (made out of nylon fabric, with elastic to gather it into puffy “wool”); it was one of his favorite toys…and as he just turned 24 a few days ago, I just had to preserve that memory for myself. I finally managed (after 6 months of trying!) to draw a tiger I’m reasonably happy with, and the dragon got added because my boyfriend says every little boy needs a wise dragon protector…so he looks a little less saccharine than the rest for good reason, though he’s still cute!

Click the gift box below to download!

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  1. galaviktor

    Замечательная идея ! У Вас получился прекрасный подарок! Большое спасибо!

  2. Bina Greene

    Thank you so much, Holly, for these fantastic gifts. Everything looks so great, I love it!

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