PixelScrapper CU Blog Train – “Sweets”

Trick or Treat time is coming, and I’ve got yummies for you here: a lollipop, a wrapped fudge roll, and a few little round candy-coated things… Obviously, since this is for the CU blog train, all of these templates are commercial-use friendly. I’ve included both the AI and PSD files since adding the vectors only bumps the ZIP file size by a few KB, so you can work in whatever program works best for you, or use the vectors to make matching paper patterns if you wish.

Naturally, these are some of my all-time favorites, along with strawberry twists, lemon drops, Starburst, Skittles, and salt water taffy. Chocolate always goes over well, too, in nearly any form, but I try to keep healthier snacks on hand to fuel my creative pursuits so that I stay healthier! The candy-coated things, though–yeah, because there’s a Mars plant in this town that makes M&Ms and Twix, and because I have friends who work there, they’re definitely M&Ms!

Download my contribution HERE, and swing by this thread to download the rest of the train!

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