New in the Shop: Messy Stacks Clusters

One of the current things I’ve been doing in my own scrapping is putting several layers below my photos; I just love the dimension you get from a good tall stack, and it doesn’t steal the show from my photos like an abundant cluster can. But I noticed I was spending an inordinate amount of time creating the stacks, sometimes 45 minutes or more as I rotated and nudged pieces around, trying to get the composition just right… and I know I have better things to do with my limited scrapping time than spend the whole 2 hours on one layout that only fits 3 photos!

So I found myself creating a set of templates last weekend; I’d intended on making 4 or 5, but then it snowballed on me and I ended up with a total of 14 by this afternoon. I figured I’d better stop and get these in the shop before I fall down the rabbit hole again! Each cluster is between 5 and 7 inches on the long edge (and can, of course, be sized smaller if you wish) and consists of a minimum of 6 layers. I’ve left basic drop shadows on them, but haven’t warped any shadows as I expect to warp different layers each time I use the templates to make my finished stacks look individual. So, without further ado, I present the three 4-packs of messy stacks that I placed in the shop just after dinner. Each image is linked to its page in the shop, and each pack is priced at $1.99.

Buy the bundle and save!

If you love these, I’ve combined all three packs into a bundle that’s priced at $4.99, cutting the cost by about 17% over purchasing them individually.

Freebie Time!

I did mention that I made 14 of these, right? The remaining two are yours as a gift. All the size and layer count info on the ones in the shop applies to these as well. The image below is linked directly to the download, or you can DOWNLOAD HERE.

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  1. Cindy

    Thanks Holly just saw these and they look like they’ll be fun to use!

    • Holly Wolf

      You’re absolutely welcome, Cindy. And they ARE fun to use, because they add a lot of dimension to your page very quickly! I think I spent an hour on most every stack, getting it to have good composition while still managing to look like a haphazard pile. That’s a lot of time to add to a page if you’re behind on scrapping like many ladies say they are, but clipping papers shortens it to around 10 minutes, most of which is finding just the right paper for a given layer!

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