New in the Shop: Large Banners & Floral Alpha Templates!

I’ve just added a set of large banner templates to the shop (preview shown above). These are primarily designed to provide a background for a title in a layout, but can work nicely for short word art as well. Check them out in the shop HERE.

It’s been a while since I’ve done a new release; unfortunately, late spring and summer were… challenging… in terms of health issues, and I’ve only recently gotten back to feeling well enough to design regularly. The cycle of pain and fatigue just wouldn’t let me finish a project and get it into the shop before flaring back up, and getting out to the doctor or ER was guaranteed to require at least 3-4 days of recovery, too, so trying to get my health under control took far longer than I wished. I did manage to do a few designs for wedding invitations for my son and his fiancée during that time, and completed around a dozen classes on Skillshare in the areas of pattern design, illustration, and lettering, so I’ve got more than a few new techniques to create with now!

I also uploaded a set of alpha templates that I created this summer but hadn’t managed to finish preparing for release before the health issues put me back in bed for weeks. They’re in the shop HERE, or you can click the preview below.

A Little Freebie

I’ve created a couple of layout templates using flattened versions of the new banners for your freebie this time. The first one is designed to be used for some holiday photos, but is simple enough that it could be used for any everyday page. The second is designed for a year-in-review page, or would make a lovely calendar or photobook cover. You can download them HERE or simply click on the image below.

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