December Daily 2019 – Day 4

Today’s gift for you is a set of 3 animal-pun holiday journal cards; I’ve left the text on separate layers so you can change the wording if the puns aren’t to your liking, but the graphics have been merged to comply with the painters’ CU terms.

Grab your gift HERE, and stop back tomorrow for more merriment from these festive critters!

Wish me luck today that I can manage to at least pay the electric bill, water bill, storage unit, and my sweetie’s cell phone out of my disability income while still managing to put some gas in the truck and buy enough groceries to make it through until he gets a paycheck from the new job. The internet’s current and can wait until he’s paid if necessary, and my cell bill is being covered for December, but we still don’t have enough to pay the mortgage and are likely to end up having the house foreclosed on before he can make enough to catch it up. I’m going to be very glad if we can work a Christmas miracle here, but it’s not looking promising right now. If you want to help out, my Black Friday sale is still going on in the shop through December 10th, and everything is half-price with the code blkfri50off.

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