December Daily 2019 – Day 9

Welcome back! Today’s gift for you is a set of three 4×6 cards with sarcastic word art, perfect for those days when you’ve had it up to here with the holiday hustle and bustle and the generic gifts. I also included one for my pet peeve this time of year–since my birthday’s in December, it seems people always forget about it in their holiday whirlwind and then have something else scheduled when I want to have a small birthday dinner/party! There are both layered PSD versions and a JPG version included in the download.

Pick up your set HERE, and I’ll have some more mindful cards for you tomorrow when my mood’s a little less grouchy!

4 Responses

  1. R

    Happy belated birthday 🙂
    My birthday is in December also. I have been blessed with family who remember it without me having to remind them. Maybe it’s because my mom made sure that my older sister, a brother, and I (3 birthdays within two weeks before Christmas) all had our own birthday, on our birth day. As an adult, I realize how difficult that was for her and I really appreciate what she did.

    Thank you for taking the time to create this gift and all the other gifts also. 🙂

    • Holly Wolf

      Mine’s yet to come this month, though I have a few family members with birthdays in December as well.

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