New in the Shop: Moving-Themed Element and Title Templates

I’ve just added a bundle of new templates to the shop, all about the process of moving from one place to another. Packing everything up and hauling it to the new place is always worth documenting with at least a couple of pages, and I’ve included most of the essentials: boxes in all stages of packing, tape, a marker, labels, vehicles to haul everything, and templates to help make short work of titles and word art. I’m hoping to create some paper templates to go with them, but those aren’t done yet.

Of course, there’s a real-world inspiration behind the design–I’m in the middle of packing to relocate to another state, and need items to scrap the move with. So, like any designer, I created my own templates and am putting them in the shop for others who don’t or would rather not draw their own.

Check them out in the shop HERE.

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