New in the Shop: Moving Papers, Newsprint Textures, Valentine Elements, and Kitchen Textiles

I’ve been a very productive designer this week, and all the new releases in the shop certainly reflect that! It’s really all a part of my master plan for the year, though; I’m looking to grow or rebuild as a designer and personally in my health, physical strength and endurance, finances, and knowledge. My word for the year is CONSISTENT; it’s the biggest thing I need to work on across all areas of my life. For 2020, I’m challenging myself to create two CU element templates and one paper template each day, which means one or two element template packs and probably a themed paper pack each week for the shop. I’m also trying to be more consistent with learning something design-related every day, exercising daily (30 minutes of either OT exercises or yoga, plus a 20-minute walk/roll if using my wheelchair that day), and self-care (in the form of healthy food, daily housecleaning, meds, earlier bedtime, and a consistent wake-up time). I’m finally back to a point where I can try to take all of those on. It’s taken over 6 months to get back to this after a lumbar puncture late last May; I had complications that kept me bedbound for almost a full week, and then wasn’t allowed to exercise or lift anything for 3 weeks after that due to risk of having the blood patch that was holding my CSF in my spine shift out of position. (It’s surprising just how fast your strength and endurance deteriorate when you’re not allowed to do much of anything beyond sit around for nearly a month!)

Scheduled Releases

So far, I’ve hit my daily design goals every day, and that means I’ve got a moving-themed paper pack uploaded, as well as a pack of Valentine’s Day elements and one of kitchen textiles. (Images are linked to the products in the shop.)

Bonus Releases

I’ve been having a little extra time in my weeks, as well, since 90% of the house is packed for the move and I can’t really clean the living room because it’s packed full of boxes…and the other rooms take so much less time to clean with the vast majority of stuff packed away. That means that the time I’d normally be cleaning is extra design time for now. I made great use of it this week and have 5 packs of newsprint textures that got added to the shop this morning! They range from flat to moderately crumpled, so there are lots of options for adding texture to your papers.

Upcoming Releases

My current daily papers are Valentine’s-themed, so I expect to release them within the next week. Likewise, my current daily elements are kitchen utensils; I started them yesterday, so I’ll probably have a pack ready by Sunday sometime. Look for them to be in next week’s new products!

One More Thing…

I’ve got a couple of crumpled newsprint textures for you as a freebie. Download them HERE, or click the image below.

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