Pixel Scrapper February 2020 Blog Train – “Delish”

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We’re fast approaching the end of the month, which means that Pixel Scrapper has another fabulous blog train about to come your way! I’m posting mine a little early this month (it’s the evening of the 30th right now) because I’m still in the middle of moving and tomorrow is slated for loading up yet another trailer-full of things to make the move to storage in another state. We’ll theoretically be done by the end of February, but I was saying that about January too, so I’m just going to have to play it by ear.

The Palette

Delish Blog Train Palette
This month’s blog train features a palette of yellows and teals, accented with burnt orange, navy, olive-y greens, golden brown, and a pale peachy shade, along with black and white. I’ve added a neutral grey to it because of all the metal elements that just didn’t look right to me in other colors, but other designers’ portions won’t have that included. Most of you know that I’m somewhat less fond of earth tones than jewel tones, so it should be no surprise that it was difficult for me to get started, or that most of my elements use the cooler teals and navy rather than looking like something out of a 1970s kitchen. Luckily, I’ve been a self-confessed foodie for a couple of decades, and I have a large stash of CU things that I could pull ideas from, so I did manage to get going!

The Papers

The first thing I did was search my stash for elements and patterns to make some themed papers, and this month’s set turned out beyond fabulous! I found a few pre-made patterns that really sparked the zest for this theme, if you’ll pardon the pun (blame the lemon pattern), recolored them and added secondary patterns in the background to make them uniquely my creation. Then I found a few CU elements and combined them into 3 more themed patterns, and used a few of the templates I’ve made recently to make some more-generic patterns (the two “Love” papers and the split hearts are in my Valentine’s Day paper templates pack in the shop). I don’t think there are enough generic patterns in my paper pack to have all the papers you’ll need for a double-page layout or three, but I’m still quite happy with what I’ve included. The folder was large enough that I chose to split it into two ZIPs for easier downloading. (Download links will be at the bottom.) I also whipped up a set of solids to go along with this train; they use some of the paper textures from my Newsprint Textures released early in the month.

The Elements

Once I had papers made, I realized that I had a series of cooking things listed in my planned “daily doodles” (actually creating layered templates, but daily doodles sounds better in my planner), but they weren’t scheduled until March–all of March was slated for kitchen stuff. So I moved them up to cram into January; it’s been a little crazy getting them all done as templates, but I finished them on Monday (yes, the 28th). Cutting it just a little close there. I did take one day in the middle of the month to create elements with all the utensil templates I had finished, but the rest of this week has been a hard push making the elements from the pots and pans, small appliances, knives, dinnerware, and the utensils I still hadn’t made by mid-month! I released some of the templates in the shop as I finished them, but the knives and dinnerware aren’t there yet. Fitting them into the preview was a tough job, too; I made a lot of the elements larger than absolutely necessary because some people like to scrap with bigger elements, but that means that 5″ coffeemaker needs scaling down if I’m gonna fit another hundred elements on the preview. But they did all fit, eventually, with some careful layering.

More to Come?

Personally, I still want to add some journal cards and word art to this train, but I don’t think I’m going to have the time with the move and with the March train, since the theme brings up a group very close to my heart; I’m focusing on the tribe of chronic illness and chronic pain warriors who understand my life far better than my own family or my partner’s family. Then again, I’ll have the house to myself for a couple of days here when that trailer-load of stuff goes to the new place, so I might still manage to get some done in between recovering from the flareup from loading stuff up tomorrow.


Patterned Papers 1
Patterned Papers 2
Solid Papers
Elements 1
Elements 2

The Rest of the Train

Now that you’ve gotten all of my portion downloaded, head on over to the main thread at Pixel Scrapper to download the other designers’ parts!

35 Responses

  1. Denise

    Thank you for your hard work in getting this done – it’s Fabulous!!!! May God bless you with a safe and uneventful move!

  2. Joyce

    Holly, thank you for your contribution for the blog train.

    I wish you a speedy recovery from the flareup!

  3. Shannon

    Wow Holly what an amazing kit you’ve put together for us! Thank you so much.

  4. Patti

    Thank you knowing of you I am sure they are all wonderful additions but I cannot see any of your previews but I can see your explanation of each one LOL.

    • Holly Wolf

      Hmmm, that shouldn’t be happening. In order to help me troubleshoot the problem, I’ll send you a private email in a few minutes. I’ll need to ask a few questions about your operating system and browser; since I personally wouldn’t want that information displayed on a public comments section, I’m emailing to ask instead.

  5. Tina

    Thank You so very much!! This has got to be my new favorite cooking kit! I absolutely love the fact that you designed and put in all of the AWESOME small kitchen appliances! YOU ROCK!!! The color scheme is also amazing and happens to be my favorite color! Have a wonderful day and Thanks again! You made my day!

    • Holly Wolf

      Having so many teals and that navy to work with made it a snap to choose the teals as a primary color; teal and navy has been one of my favorite combos for a couple of decades, especially when silver is added. (In fact, those were the colors on my SCA coat of arms, back in the ’90s and early 2000s when I used to be able to dance and fence.)

      I just checked and the light teal I used on the “In The Pocket” cards and papers is a fairly close match; I used the same color palette for the “Black, White, and Read All Over” minikit, too. The navy in that palette is darker, though, and probably wouldn’t look good with this unless you’re adding other shades of darker blues into a layout.

      I put in all the small kitchen appliances because I love cooking, and have since long before I got too sick to work. Now that I’ve been disabled for about 15 years, those appliances help me more than most people would ever guess. On days when my hands are giving me too much trouble to chop things by myself, a mandoline and food processor become my best friends. On days when I can’t physically stand for long or lift much due to back pain, the removable inner pans in the rice cooker and instant pot are lots less hassle to lift, and the slow cooker lets me get a long break between prepping the ingredients and having to try to carry a bowl. And the microwave, that beautiful invention, lets me grab an individually-packed meal of leftovers from the freezer and have a hot, healthy meal even on days where I’m wheelchair-bound because nerve compression is making my legs too weak to even stand up. With all of those reasons in mind, they HAD to go in any cooking kit I make. Thankfully, I’m still able to draw on the computer on all but my very worst days, so I was able to ensure they made it in. (I don’t often talk about the worst of my physical challenges on the blog, but I promise I’ll open up about it a little more next month, because my choice for the “My Tribe” theme is the chronic illness warriors I know who keep fighting and remain optimistic despite facing daily struggles that most people can hardly imagine.)

  6. Madge

    Thank you, Holly, for your lovely gifts. They mean so much more knowing that you are dealing with daily pain and the stresses of moving, and you still take time to make “pretties” for us! Praying your strength and health remain well for the move…

  7. Gala

    Прекрасный набор! Желаю Вам здоровья! Большое спасибо!

  8. Sarah

    Thank you so much for such a spectacular kit! I really appreciate all the work (& all the gorgeous bits) you put into it. I hope your move goes/went well & that you recover from your flare quickly.

  9. Anna K. Montgolf

    Your work is amazing, and those background papers are to die for! Thank you for sharing!

  10. Pam K

    Wow! Thank you for generously sharing your creation with us … all those appliances & utensils are beautiful!! & the papers … thanks!! Thanks also for sharing your creative process!

  11. Annelie

    Thank you so much for your amazing kit! I hope the move goes as smooth as possible, and that you can heal afterwards, I know too well about living with cronic pain and fatigue and more. Here is one more that totally understands!

  12. Mary K

    Holly, thank you so much for this huge and loveable kit! Your sharing it is so appreciated! Hang in there and keep doing what you enjoy!

  13. Gayle

    Thank-You for the gorgeous! and generous contributions to the BT. Hopefully you now have all your goods at the new house & are taking advantage of this down time to unpack and make it comfy.
    Take time also to rest.
    Blessed Be. Stay Safe.

  14. Liz in Tx

    Thank you for still having your fabulous contributions to this blog train on your blog almost a year and a half later!

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