• Preview of Vintage Memories minikit

Pixel Scrapper May Blog Train – “Vintage Memories”

It’s been a long month, what with the pandemic quarantine, and that’s making it nearly impossible to finish this move that’s taken far too long already. I’ve been dealing with a flareup as well; stress is the biggest trigger for most chronic illnesses to get out of control, and there’s been about a dozen times more than I can handle lately. But I’ve been designing more again, so that’s a plus.

This month’s blog train palette is relatively muted vintage-y colors; they almost make me think more autumn than spring, but I’ve come up with a relatively seasonless minikit for you anyway. Those of you familiar with the items in my shop might recognize the strawberry floral as one of my hand-drawn paper sets, and sharper-eyed folks might recognize the multicolor chevron pattern from my rainbow patterns set. As far as elements go, I’ve tried to stick to a more modern vintage vibe, with classic oval frames and ribbon flowers, a banner and some velvet ribbons and a key. I’m reasonably happy with it, given that I prefer bright colors and usually have trouble with muted palettes. Download your copy HERE or click the image below.
Preview of Vintage Memories minikit

I also dug into my stash of CU elements to create some clusters for an alpha set to go with this blog train. The font used is Alice, one of the Google Fonts, in case you want to use it or find a good pairing. There are 3 different styles: uppercase are foil with a larger cluster, lowercase have a small cluster with the same foil, and I’ve included a plain lowercase foil set as well; together, they make for beautiful and flexible titles for your pages, or you could use them for a lovely monogrammed journal card or homemade stationery. The largest are around 2.5″ tall. Pick up your copy HERE, or click the image below.

Once you’ve finished picking up your portion here, head on back to the main blog train thread at Pixel Scrapper to download all the other parts of this month’s train!

24 Responses

  1. Shannon

    They may not be your “go-to” colours, but it turned out beautifully, Holly! The alphas are absolutely gorgeous! Thank you so much for this beautiful kit.

  2. Patricia Rastetter

    Thank You Holly these are Beautiful and Sally from WingedHeartOhio says to say Hi and we both hope you are doing Well and that you are Improving health wisealso!

  3. Susan

    I just joined Pixel Scrapper and found the May Blog Train. I really like your work. The flowers and gold color are so pretty together.

  4. Barbara

    Lovely…thank you for sharing and hope you are better now…

  5. Gala

    Большое спасибо за прекрасные наборы!

  6. Mary K

    Thank you, Holly, this is beautiful. I like the dark colors every now and then for an elegant look and your kit is perfect!

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