June 2020 Pixel Scrapper Blog Train – “Kumbaya”

This month’s Pixel Scrapper blog train theme is “Kumbaya”, and it’s been paired with a beautifully bright rainbow palette. While some of the other ladies have gone with a summer camp sort of theme, or even a general summer theme, mine’s gone a different direction. The combination of the original meaning of Kumbaya being a prayer for the Lord to come comfort those in need, my mind managed to stir up a Zen/hippie kit focused around the tenets of kindness, compassion, love and unity. As a student of comparative religions, I know that compassion and love for your fellow man are major tenets of Christianity, Judaism, Buddhism, Sikhism, and Wicca. Many of those also recognize the interconnectedness of all living things, and that what hurts one part of the ecosystem has effects on many other parts; some, if not all, consider it a spiritual and moral duty to help those in need, especially in their local communities and religious communities.

Lord knows, with all the partisan politics happening right now and the gulf between the left and right sides seeming to grow wider every day, the staggering lack of empathy shown by the anti-mask folks for people who are at high risk of dying if they contract COVID-19, and the tensions flaring yet again between police and less-privileged communities…we could certainly use a whole lot more peace and understanding in the world right now! Closer to home, this kit has been a chance to let my compassionate self show freely, which I can’t really do much in this house without being branded a “leftist”, “socialist”, or “filthy liberal” by the two extreme right-wingers who quit watching Fox News a year ago because it’s too far left for them. Going through the quarantine with them has been an exercise in patience, because they’ve gone out more, griped about social distancing stuff and rebelled against it almost every time they had the chance, and not given a flying flip that they’re risking mine and their son’s life in addition to theirs. We had to put off the move due to the pandemic, so now we won’t be able to move out until we can recover from it financially.

This kit’s really heavy on papers and word strips and lighter on the elements, though there are a few classics that made it in like the VW bus and the groovy flowers. I’ve included several journal cards that aren’t on previews, and much more word art that just wouldn’t fit–mostly quotes that struck deep chords. Due to using a couple of templates to make elements, this kit is PERSONAL USE ONLY. Since I’m running late due to having to restore a bunch of my fonts folders from a several-year-old backup (bad sectors on my backup drive that went undiscovered until I had something eat the A-J folders on my working drive), the papers preview still says Kit Preview; right now, it’s more important in my mind to get this posted than to go fix it.


Papers Part 1
Papers Part 2

When you’re finished grabbing my portion, please head over to the main thread at Pixel Scrapper to download the other parts of this fabulous train!

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  1. Anne

    What a beautiful kit Holly! Thank you so much! BTW my beliefs (both spiritual and political) sound very close to yours – fortunately i live with people who think a similar way as do the majority of people here.

    • Holly Wolf

      Thanks–I appreciate the support today more than I want to put out in public. It’s pretty draining dealing with people who seem to lack empathy for anyone they don’t directly know, or whose problems they can’t immediately fix by throwing money at it.

  2. LeeAnn

    Thank you so much! I am anxious to explore all that you have given us!

  3. Lily

    Thank you so much .. what a wonderful kit you have shared!! It truly captures that 60’s/70’s feel!! I could not comprehend how difficult it must be to be locked down with people so opposite in beliefs .. it must make life that much harder at the moment 🙁 I hope that things improve swiftly for you!!

  4. Luanne

    I knew I would find a Peace sign on this train! The Peace sign and your feathered Purple papers brought me back to old memories and feelings! Your words brought me back to 2020 and what we have now. And the words Try a Little Kindness was a Glen Campbell song! Wrapping all this train together has made me feel Hopeful! Thank You for the trip!

    • Holly Wolf

      Yeah, I know the Glen Campbell song–my father is a fan and has been since before I was born. It’s been one I’ve been humming to myself a lot this spring. There’s a Paul McCartney quote card in there that ties both eras together, as well, and quite a few pieces of word art that work as well for modern social crises as for the 60s and 70s.

      It took me a month to figure out exactly how I was going to interpret the “Kumbaya” theme, since I’m not really the summer camp type and am not into organized religion, though I am spiritual. But once I hit on the thought of how much compassion it takes to pray for someone else in the midst of your own struggles, I knew it was the perfect direction for 2020 and flexible enough for all of the civil rights and social justice issues from the 1960s forward.

      And it seems almost prescient now, with the riots around the country, that I went with this direction, as I can find a few different ways to build pages about the current issues. But, like you, I have Hope that things will improve, and I’m glad it comes across in this kit.

  5. Ruth

    WOW, this is awesome! When I saw the title of this BT I immediately had the song come to my mind. I remember singing this song at summer came around the fire. Brought back memories. I appreciate the way you went with this theme. I pray the world can right itself and there will be some peace again. Thank you again!

  6. Pam K

    Thank you so much for sharing … & for sharing your creation. Praying that you might find some peace … if not in your living situation but at least in your heart & soul! Things will get better!

  7. Patricia Rastetter

    WOW Thank You I Love All Your Contributions I am so excited to open them and use them!

  8. Stacey

    It is a better world when ALL sides are able to voice their opinions, especially those who disagree with each other. Labels are unfortunate and unnecessary. Just because someone has a different opinion does not mean it is right or wrong,,,just different. We can learn from listening. And finally, compassion does not belong to a certain political preference – only the action of an individual shows their true self.

    Thank you for the kit.

  9. Stacey

    Zero tolerance for open conversation does nothing to advance your perspective…surprised that you would not allow my post. Everyone has an opinion, and if you post a position, it begins a dialog for discussion. May you find some peace with your finite determination of others. Do not worry, I will keep my optimism to myself in the future.

    • Holly Wolf

      With the flareup of my chronic illnesses brought on by the quarantine and financial stress the household was already experiencing, I have not been getting good sleep, so when my body finally let me get some good sleep last night, I let myself sleep for as long as I was still sleepy to let my body try to get a handle on this flareup. Apparently, the approximately 4 hours you allowed for me to approve your post before making this reply went by during this time, because I woke up and found both of them waiting for approval. I don’t always run on a normal wake-in-the-morning, in-bed-before-midnight schedule, because I can’t do so without aggravating any flareup I’m experiencing, so during that time, my sleep often looks much more like an infant’s–down for 2-3 hours, awake for a couple of hours, back down for 3-4 hours, awake again for 3 hours, down for 1.5 hours, awake for 6, down for 3, awake again for 2.5–until it finally lets me sleep for a long period of time that can range from 10-22 hours. Then the flareup will be down in intensity for a few days, and if nothing else happens to stress my physical/mental/emotional health in that time (including foods that trigger inflammation, storms like the ones which have been rolling through here for weeks, getting too much sun, or getting into an argument about anything that I feel strongly about), the flareup might reduce even further; if any of those happen, though, it’s right back up to where it was or worse.

      I have made attempts to engage the individuals involved in open conversation many times over the last two years, and the repetition of claims that a 30-second fact check would say are untrue, or that a solid high-school science education can show are incompatible with the way biology, physics, or chemistry work, are all that gets thrown at me. Coronavirus is not “just like the flu”, 5G is about as likely to cause cancer as the 2000s’ cellphones held to your head or the 1970s’ microwave towers and certainly less likely than spraying Roundup on weeds in their yard, Obama has a birth certificate that states he was born in Hawaii and attends a Christian church, people with colored skin are no more likely to be lazy or criminal than people with a Caucasian heritage (when given truly equal opportunities, not weaker education and not being denied interviews for an open position based on their ethnic-sounding name), and they already pay for “socialism” in the form of local/state roads, police departments, fire departments, public schools, public health departments (that try to limit things like mosquito- and tick-borne disease, STDs, and birth defects), and the local landfill. (Water here is a utility company, and sewer in the country is by septic system, so those don’t apply.) However, showing them scientifically-validated sources hasn’t worked because “academics are all leftists” or “the corporation that owns that news site/medical journal is part of the Deep State”; it’s impossible to completely disprove a conspiracy theory, because you can always say to anything that refutes it “that’s just what they want you to think.” They were grumbling last year about having to pay FICA taxes (which is Medicare and Social Security), because “the old people who’ve retired should have planned better” and “most of the ones on disability are faking it or exaggerating”… but they sure applied for SSDI quick when his father got too sick to work and they have nothing saved for retirement at all.

      I realize that there are compassionate conservatives; these two, unfortunately, are not two of them. Caring about people I don’t directly know doesn’t make me a snowflake; it means I have empathy for others and don’t think others should have to suffer just because life hasn’t given me every break I ever wanted. Their response to refugees coming north from Central America has been “Well, they shouldn’t have let their country turn into a war zone.” They grumble that people who need food stamps should live within their means and not spend it on things they can’t afford, but they needed us to pay $400 in bills for them this month because they didn’t have enough, yet they bought $12/wk in lottery tickets and about 20 cans of non-tobacco snuff and two dozen skeins of yarn. Their casual cruelty and the hypocrisy they show are simply incompatible with my peace of mind.

  10. Gala

    Большое спасибо за Ваши великолепные бумаги и элементы!

  11. Anna K. Montgolf

    This is just gorgeous, Holly! I especially love the different word strips and papers! Thank you!

  12. Cesc

    Thank you for the lovely kit. I can see you put your heart and soul into its conception. Brava!

  13. Mary K

    Thanks, Holly, for this deeply thought out kit which brought wonderful memories to my mind from my heart. Blessings to you for your good heart!

  14. Annelie Sahlén

    Wow I love this kit so much, it´s amazing and “so me”, Thank you so much for making it and sharing! I agree with your view on things. It seems very challenging to live with people that have so very different view on things. I get thankful that I live by myself! Even though it sometimes get very lonely. But I rather be alone than be with the “wrong” people when I have the choice.
    I also live with severe cronic illness, so I recognize that part too. Take care the best way you possibly can during this very special situation the world is in.

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