• Tropical Yoga Retreat kit preview, featuring lots of yoga pose silhouettes and tropical flora, with white, green, teal, and pink as featured colors.
  • Tropical Yoga Retreat papers preview, featuring mendhi border print, yoga poses, Om, and tropical florals
  • Tropical Yoga Retreat word art, featuring hand-lettered words and phrases, the Om symbol, and fitness and meditation-related phrases

Pixel Scrapper Blog Train – December 2020 “Tropical Yoga Retreat”

November is coming rapidly to a close, and what a month it’s been, with surges in Covid across the US, election drama, and many people trying to figure out a socially distanced Thanksgiving. Thankfully, the extreme conservatives I live with don’t really have a bunch of family that they want to get together with at any time of year (or maybe it’s family doesn’t want to get together with them?), so I was spared that fight and most of the resulting stress. I made my mom’s giblet stuffing and her cranberry-orange relish, and we had a 24-lb turkey (with a view to lots of leftovers), mashed potatoes, gravy, Stove Top (my father-in-love won’t eat anything else), baked beans, roasted sweet potatoes, dinner rolls, cornbread, jellied cranberry sauce, lime jello, key lime pie, pumpkin pie…I can’t remember anything else for sure, but I probably missed something in that list anyway.

But with December coming, it’s time for a new Pixel Scrapper blog train, and this month’s palette is full of soft pastels, a couple of greens, and a few beachy neutrals. I normally struggle with colors like this, but one of the “crazy holidays” in December is Yoga Day, so I stirred that up with this palette to get my theme of “Tropical Yoga Retreat”. I know that a yoga theme isn’t for everyone, but there are a lot of people this year who’ve embraced at-home workouts like yoga or are planning on it as New Year’s resolutions, and I think I’ve got a nice variety of tropical flora and papers that could work for non-yoga pages, too.

Tropical Yoga Retreat kit preview, featuring lots of yoga pose silhouettes and tropical flora, with white, green, teal, and pink as featured colors.
For yoga-specific elements, I’ve got 16 of the simple posing figures (not all on the preview), a mandala, a mat, block, and strap (which is drawn as a frame), and some more realistically-painted yogis. I really love those and tried to include some diversity with them: each pose has 3 versions, and there are varied skin colors from Nordic pale to a medium-dark African skin tone, and hair colors include blond, brown, red, black, and gray. The standing yogi is definitely not a toned skinny woman, either; I recall comments in the forums recently about so few kits including things for those with more than a little junk in the trunk. And since I plan on documenting my journey with this kit as well, I definitely want a chunkier figure in there! Since so many yogis are also into health food, there’s a green smoothie and a glass of mango juice in addition to the obligatory water bottle.

On the tropical side of things, there are around 8 leaves ranging from plumeria to palm and banana, a pineapple, a coconut half with a straw, and a decent assortment of flowers: a lotus, ginger blossom, hibiscus, plumeria, bromeliad, bleeding heart, and passion flower. I’ve also included a bamboo cane and a succulent, just because I like eccheveria. I want to give a special shout-out of thanks to the author of a book called “Draw Like an Artist: 100 Flowers and Plants: Step-By-Step Realistic Line Drawing“, which inspired me to draw my own tropical florals for this kit; her name is Melissa Washburn, and that book is a very valuable reference tool for how to start with sketched shapes and end up with a realistic-looking line drawing.

Tropical Yoga Retreat papers preview, featuring mendhi border print, yoga poses, Om, and tropical florals
Papers include a relatively traditional Indian border-print, a tonal lotus blossom, meditating yogis, colored mandalas, linework mandala, the Sanskrit word Om, yoga poses, a tropical leaf print, a tropical floral pattern, a sunset beach gradient/silhouette paper, a tropical beach paper, a generic multicolor chevron, and a bold lime-green watercolor stripe. Many of them come in two colorways–usually a light-on-dark version and a dark-on-light version. The tropical leaf pattern has one light-aqua and one neutral background, and is VERY classic in its coloration; it and the yoga poses pattern are my absolute favorites out of this set of papers, though I love the others and how they work together as well.

Tropical Yoga Retreat word art, featuring hand-lettered words and phrases, the Om symbol, and fitness and meditation-related phrases
I’ve also got a bunch of word art for you this month; I got some practice in with bounce lettering and hand-lettered a whole pile of words and phrases that are mostly not specifically related to yoga, and combined some of them with words in the Google Font ‘Anton’ for some simple titles that could also work as small printables to inspire mindfulness or persistence with any form of exercise or practice. (And the word practice there reminds me–the word art that says Practice Makes Progress also has a version with it spelled Practise, for those of you who use the Queen’s English.) There are a number of major yoga style names, in case you’re one who happens to do multiple styles, and word strips for English names of all the traditional poses. I’d hoped to get word strips made with the Sanskrit names as well, but I’m running out of time to get this uploaded, so…they’ll likely show up as part of my December daily, instead.


Word Art

Now that you’ve gotten all of my portion of this blog train, head on back to the main thread at Pixel Scrapper to continue downloading the rest of this month’s fabulous train!

Remember to stop back here throughout December for additions to this kit; I’ve decided to make 2020’s December daily be extensions to this kit, since I’ve had so much fun with it. Expect coordinating frames, journal cards, more elements, probably more word art, and some clusters.

34 Responses

  1. Anne MacLellan

    Thank you for the great contribution. I certainly can use the yoga theme. Wishing you a happy Yule and new year.

    • Holly Wolf

      Yoga is one of my favorite ways to work out, and tends to cultivate a serene mindset as well. Here’s hoping your Yule and new year are great, too, Anne!

    • Holly Wolf

      I’ve been doing alternating days of OT exercises and yoga for several years, trying to keep my strength up and joints stabilized so I can stay out of my wheelchair. I expect that yoga and other things that are easily done at home (like bodyweight exercises, HIIT, and resistance band workouts) are going to be this year’s primary choices for folks who want to get more in shape; with gyms and pools being shut down off and on here due to COVID, it just doesn’t make sense to me to get a membership anywhere. Stick with it–I know it can seem like you’ll never get some poses to be comfortable, or ever have the strength for some others, but it’s SO worth it in terms of the physical and mental health benefits even if you never manage to get flexible enough to do vertical splits.

    • Shannon

      Wow Holly, this is fantastic, I don’t know how you found the time for all of this. Amazing. Thank you so much.

  2. Gala

    Интересная тема,большое спасибо за прекрасный набор!

  3. Linda DLR

    Wonderful work! This is certainly a kit I can use year-round and I, too, love the yoga theme. 🙂

    • Holly Wolf

      They will be on the blog, but life’s been messy, so yesterday’s didn’t get finished to post on time. It’ll be up today, and I’ll edit this post to include the tag for them as well.

  4. JeannieK

    Thank you for the totally unexpected – but adorable and useful kit! I need to start practicing yoga again. When done steadily once a week, I was so energized the following day that even a coworker noticed when we went for our twice daily walks around the park on our break times.

    • Holly Wolf

      Yes, there are SO many great benefits from a regular yoga practice that it was a natural for a subject for me. And thank you for the lovely comment!

  5. Paula

    Beautiful! I used to be really good about yoga, but with the ‘rona and stuff, the studio I liked closed and I am just not a self-motivator. But I should try to get going again. It really did help with my fibromyalgia. Thanks so much!

    • Holly Wolf

      It helps tons with my fibro pain, too, not enough to totally stop it, but I haven’t found anything that does. So…if exercise helps cut 15% and proper sleep helps cut 10% and diet helps with another 10%…that’s still reducing pain by a third or more, and totally worth making all of those part of my daily routine, whether or not there’s a pandemic. And since I’m up here on the mountain, 25 miles away from the nearest town that’s big enough to have anything like a yoga studio or even a gym, using a gym or yoga membership costs as much in gas (all we have is trucks) to go in for a couple of classes a week as the membership itself. So I have a mat, a couple of blocks, a couple of straps, and a reminder in my phone 4 days a week for yoga (the other 3 days are occupational therapy exercises for arms, legs, and core). I wish I had better internet here; if I did, I’d be doing Zoom yoga with a few friends to help keep myself more motivated and more accountable if I miss a day! (The mother-in-love sneers every time I mention the word, tells me she’s not flexible, then grumbles about losing strength and having more back pain, so, despite the fact that she’s in the house, she’s not an option for a workout partner.)

  6. Anna K. Montgolf

    Holly, this is a totally unique and adorable kit! I love the theme and the drawings! Thank you for your work and contributions!
    A Big Fan!

  7. Mary Salters

    The kit is absolutely stunning!!! I love the theme you chose!!! The tropical elements are gorgeous!!! I love all the silhouettes!!! The papers are beautiful!!! Makes me wish I was on a tropical island doing yoga, swimming, sitting on the beach reading a book…. Your kit took me on a mental vacation!!! Thank you so much for sharing!!!

    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year’s to you and yours!!!

  8. Lorri Michelle Kleinmuntz

    Holly, I love your unexpected theme and the way you executed it, including the poses. I also could stand to start a yoga routine (ha, ha). Thanks so much!

  9. Pam K

    Love your creative take on the theme … we definitely can use time to de-stress! thanks for sharing!

  10. Janet Kemp

    I love your take on the theme this time around. Such lovely kits! Thank you for sharing. 🙂

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