And a very MERRY Holiday!

Here’s hoping your holiday has gone well. It was pretty low-key around here–ham, sweet potatoes, stuffing, baked beans, Brussels sprouts, etc. Thankfully, nobody went anywhere, and there were a few gifts given, but not many. The nicest physical gift I received was a pair of wireless earbuds, which will come in handy as my phone headset has gone missing! An even better gift was that I finally got the flareup to break on Christmas Eve, but my sleep schedule is all kinds of wonky now.

I took the last 36 hours to create something wholly different from the rest of my December Daily for you, totally not tied to the Tropical Yoga Retreat theme or palette in the slightest, but I think you’ll like it! I’ve been teaching myself typeface design this year so that I can create fonts that can be used to create individual alpha templates; that’s a use that’s against MOST type designers’ EULAs, so I’m trying to start providing an option that isn’t a Google font. Since I’m hoping to sell them elsewhere in addition to in my shop, I’ve chosen to release them under the RHK Studio brand (tied to my legal name).

Today’s freebie is a simple hand-drawn font that I’m naming RHK Minimal. I’ve included support for English, Western/Northern European, and Russian languages in this, including punctuation. (I haven’t made a Cyrillic preview for my fonts yet, sorry.) It comes with an extended license which allows it to be used to create pretty much anything but company logos, but of course I ask that you don’t resell the font file itself. Similarly, don’t share the downloaded file, but feel free to share the link to this post so others can download their own copy. Just click the image to download your copy! Sorry, this freebie has expired. It is now available for purchase with its heavier journaling variant at

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