December Daily 2020 – Day 11

Today (12/20) has been a long day; the headache flared back up after I went out Saturday to pick up needed groceries and prescriptions, so I spent most of today in bed. If it’s not significantly better tomorrow, I’ll probably have to increase the prednisone dosage to actually break this flare.

I still got some nice clusters and another border made for you this evening, though. Two of the clusters are relatively everyday-use tropical-themed ones, while the third cluster and border are very yoga-focused.

You can download them HERE.

3 Responses

  1. Joy

    Hi Holly, I know how those headaches are a “real pain”. I suffer daily from them too. I am also on prednisone and it hasn’t helped, so they are slowly taking me off it. But it is so refreshing to see that you can still design even though having pain. Thank you so much for all these lovely pages/

  2. Shannon Maguire

    Thank you so much Holly for continuing to spoil us despite the pain. It must be so hard to stare at a computer screen! I really love the border. Hoping you find whatever works for you to push through this soon!

    • Holly Wolf

      I didn’t get anything done for you in the last couple of days. 🙁 Pain spiked bad enough that I ended up having to go to the ER and didn’t get home until 3:30 AM, and I’ve spent most of today sleeping while the headache was knocked mostly out.

      Here’s hoping tomorrow stays relatively pain-free and I can get some more designing done!

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