December Daily 2020 – Day 6

I’m WAY behind, due to getting hit with a nasty bout of back pain plus migraine. My back is back to reasonable, but the headache is still being extremely limiting on how long I can be vertical. Migraine meds are only knocking it out for a few hours at a time, so I’m probably either dealing with a migraine cluster or with a lupus headache; if it’s a lupus headache, I need to treat the flareup before it’ll stay gone, while a migraine cluster will respond to continued migraine meds–eventually. :p

However, I’m designing as quickly as I can to get caught up. Today’s download is a whole pile of Polaroid-style frames that will also fit on a 3×4 card, in all the palette colors plus a couple of fairly flexible patterns. You can grab the download HERE.

I’ll be posting Day 7 in a couple of minutes; it’s a stash of labels that you can use for anything.

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  1. Shannon

    I’m sorry to hear you’re not feeling well. I hope it gets resolved soon. Thank you for the lovely frames

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