Goodbye 2020–don’t let the door hit you on the way out!

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So today is my birthday…the last day of the year. I had to give my sweetie his midnight kiss at noon when hospital visiting hours ended, because he woke up with a fever early on the 29th and ended up having to be admitted 36 hours later with an infection in his leg. It’s one of those types that will require a kickstart of 2-4 days of super-strong IV antibiotics to get it knocked back enough for him to come home and go back to work, and will still take a month or more of antibiotics to totally eliminate the infection. So we end 2020 as it began–tight on finances and with him not available for a birthday dinner date or a midnight kiss. Here’s hoping that 2021 doesn’t continue the extreme levels of “hold my beer and watch this” that we’ve had in the last 12 months!

This year, we started with him out of state for work. Since then, I lost about 30000 fonts (yes, 30k) out of my collection and had to re-download the A-I folders, we’ve had to abort a move out of state at the last possible moment due to Covid lockdowns, then his parents moved us all to a place with absolutely terrible options for internet (literally one satellite internet provider, who offers a 30GB data limit before throttling to DSL speeds) while having 4 people in the house who use the net for their major entertainment (so we hit cap within about 72 hours of reset each month because his parents don’t even consider their bandwidth usage when watching 4+ hours of YouTube a day), I’ve had multiple lupus flares and a few ER visits, and then 2020 decided to top the year off with my partner needing to be hospitalized. I’ve been so over this year since about June…

On the plus side, the font crash prompted a thorough cleanup of my font folders and a better tagging system that tells me which ones I can use for templates vs. word art. The limited internet pushed me to study up on type design, which is something I’ve attempted to learn a few times in the past, but the font creation programs that I could find in my price range were so arcane that I kept ending up totally lost and give up. This time, I found a program called Birdfont and decided to take another whack at learning to make my own fonts; the price was right, as even the most expensive license for commercial use can be had with a $9.99+ donation to its creator. And this time, I found the right program for me, and it just clicked. I’m planning on releasing several new typefaces in the new year, all of them with licenses that specifically allow for use creating scrapbooking alphas and alpha templates, which is a use that many font foundries’ font EULAs prohibit. I’ve learned more ways to cope with stupid levels of stress caused by living with people whose political views are nearly diametrically opposed to my own, and who refuse to wear masks and go out more often than in pre-Covid times. *sigh* And I’ve added a couple of new specialists to my healthcare team, lining things up to deal with the mounting damage from the flareups. Also, we just found a way to get better internet than we had, so things are lined up for 2021 to hopefully be a better year.

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  1. Gayle

    Hoping that 2021 will be a MUCH BETTER year for you & yours.
    Belated Happy Birthday and hope your sweetie is recovering quickly.
    Take care. Stay safe.
    Blessed Be.

  2. Mary Anne

    LOL!. I know it was along time ago, but I loved the title. And I also need to clean up my fonts. As a side not, my daughter is disabled, and she managed to make a font using.. Calligrapher I think it was. Is it the best font in the world? No, but it was pretty good.

    Here’s hoping 2021 gets better and better for us all!
    Mary Anne

    • Holly Wolf

      I’ve heard of, which is a web-based font creator, and looked into it this summer, but it has a limited number of characters per font, and only lets you work on one font at a time if you have a free account. It wasn’t the right option for me since there are other, more powerful type design programs that are also free or low-cost, and don’t require a decent internet connection in order to function.

      Thanks for the lovely comment, and yes, here’s hoping 2021 continues to improve!

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