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Pixel Scrapper Blog Train – February 2021 “Love Always”

It’s almost February, and that means a new Pixel Scrapper blog train; this month’s palette is pretty special, since Marisa created it to use for a wedding album for her brother-in-law and his new wife. Accordingly, I’ve gone with a love/wedding theme for my minikit, though I’ve restricted my palette somewhat this month.

January has been a beast of a month; the first 6 days of it saw my partner still in the hospital, getting IV antibiotics for a nasty infection in the skin of his leg. The hospital is a 45-minute drive away, and of course visiting hours are restricted due to the pandemic–one person per patient per day, at either the morning or afternoon 2-hour visiting window but not both. So driving down to see him meant a 4-hour block of time (allowing for traffic and maybe a 10-15 minute stop for groceries on the way home), and I was doing that every other day. Since he got out on the 6th, we’ve had to do an urgent care trip and an ER run for him, both related to this infection, but an additional bag of IV antibiotics and another 3 weeks of oral antibiotics seem to be clearing it out completely. He’s got 5 days left on the meds, so that SHOULD be the end of this drawn-out drama…other than the bills, anyway.

Besides his medical issues, I’ve been fighting with a flareup most of the month, so I haven’t gotten a whole lot done most days. Constant fatigue and body aches, frequent headaches, and an ER run for myself due to stabbing abdominal pain are pretty much how my month has gone. Thankfully, the ER ruled out appendicitis, bowel obstruction, bowel/intestinal perforation, UTI, vaginal/uterine infection, and ovarian cyst as causes for the pain, so at least it’s not being caused by something super-serious. I did manage to get my Downloads folder cleared over the course of the flareup, at least, and then spent some time working on more type design–primarily on a soft, chunky sans serif font for myself and a monoline script requested by fellow Pixel Scrapper member and Commons designer Lynde Young. More on those in a little while.

I’ve got a fun little mini for you this month, in fairly traditional Valentine’s colors of red, white, and tan, with some silver. I put both the chunky sans and the in-progress script to work for word art to go along with the 3 papers, frame, stacked matte, lace, bow, long-stemmed rose, leaf, and heart confetti scatter. I’ve chosen a few relatively generic words and phrases that aren’t totally specific to the love/Valentine’s/wedding theme, in colors that should work with a variety of kits. Those of you who’ve been following me for several years might recognize some of the items from a variety of 2015 kits; I figured it was about time that I could recycle them, especially given the limited time I’ve had to design this month. Click the preview to download.
Mini-kit preview

I mentioned about the type design work I’ve been doing, with a view to starting to sell some fonts and mockups on sites like DesignCuts and Creative Fabrica. I’ve released the RHK Chonky font and the RHK Minimal family over on my other site, which is more design-industry focused. All of my fonts for sale there come with a license that allows for creating individual alpha letter templates, which is usually against most font EULAs. Chonky is a chunky rounded sans serif with a friendly and playful feel; its thick forms are great for clipping patterned papers to. Minimal is a simple handwritten sans serif with a sweet and innocent feel, perfect for journaling in its bolder Text variant, or for fine-line titles in the Regular font. You can check them out HERE if you’re interested.

I put my font RHK Chonky to work and created this alpha for you. It’s got a full set of letters A-Z, numbers 0-9, enough punctuation for almost any title you could want to create, and I’ve included diacritical marks and/or special characters to cover most Western European languages. If you want to create a title in French, Spanish, Portuguese, or Swedish, the pieces are there to do it. (Sorry, no Russian at this time.) Click the image to download.


Love Always minikit

Once you’ve grabbed my portion, don’t forget to head over to the main thread at Pixel Scrapper to pick up all the other parts of this gorgeous train!

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  1. Shannon

    Thank you for the beautiful kit and the cute alpha!
    I hope you both are feeling better soon!

  2. Janet Kemp

    Your kit preview has such a great balance of light and dark. That along with the wire words drew me in right away! Thanks so much for sharing. <3

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