October 2021 Pixel Scrapper (DigitalScrapbook.com) Blog Train

It’s been a while since I’ve participated in a blog train, and I planned on doing one of my usual large kits for this one, but life just wasn’t having that. My partner came down with Covid in mid-July, and I caught a mild breakthrough case despite being fully vaccinated since mid-May. He and his parents all ended up having to go to the ER and get the antibody infusion, but they’re all recovered. However, my breakthrough case required me to stop taking my immunosuppressant medication, and by the end of the two weeks when everyone else was pretty much over the worst of it, my immune system had switched its focus from beating the virus to attacking my cells again, and I was nearly bedbound for the first half of August. I finally got the okay in mid-August to restart at the lowest possible dose, with further dose increases contingent on the results of labs to check liver function and inflammation levels every two weeks; I finally got approval in mid-September to resume the dose I was on in early July…but then I was dealing with extreme fatigue and foot/ankle swelling so bad that it felt like my skin was going to split each time I took a step. That finally got tracked down to an otherwise asymptomatic infection on the 27th, and I’m now on antibiotics, which allowed me to get back to creating for this blog train on September 28th. It’s been a long three months!

I’ve got two previews for you, and only a few elements and papers, but they’re all handpainted in ArtRage and fairly versatile. ArtRage has added a better pattern tile maker, so I expect to be doing more handpainted paper patterns like this in future. I didn’t include any solids or really basic patterns, due to time and energy constraints, but since the blog train works off the same palette, you should be able to mix and match with anyone else’s portions to include those in a layout. I’d planned on painting some really nice leaves to go with the pumpkins and acorn, but I’m really happy with the elements I did manage to create. I left them large enough to be used as tags or labels if you wish. Sorry, no ribbons or frames this month, either.

I did manage to get a bunch of fun word art made, and left them large enough to be page titles if you choose. All are handpainted/hand-lettered in ArtRage, as well, and I think they’ll mix well with some of the other kits created for this blog train.

There’s one download, since zipping everything into one folder was only 28MB.

Once you’ve grabbed my portion, head on back to the main thread over at DigitalScrapbook.com (formerly Pixel Scrapper) to download the other designers’ contributions!

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  1. ranchcreations

    I’m sad to hear you’ve had so many health issues and hope this round of antibiotics will get you back 100% very soon! Thank you for taking the time to create this beautiful kit for us!

    • Holly Wolf

      So far, the antibiotics seem to be working fairly well; I managed to get a couple of less-critical tasks done yesterday in addition to making sure my partner has clean clothes for work and paying first-of-month bills. (I know, that’s not a lot for most people, but it’s an improvement right now, so I’ll take it.) You’re welcome to the kit!

  2. BlueCat

    Hope you’ll be better very soon. Thank you very much for this amazing kit.

  3. Paula

    First, thanks for the beautiful contributions! Second, wow, you have really been through the ringer with your health. I’m so sorry for that. I have some issues of my own, but fortunately I haven’t had to stay in the hospital for them. We had breakthrough infections here, too; hubby was battling symptoms like a bad cold (breathing issues, congestion, cough), and I also got it, although not as bad as hubby. Our son (24) lives with us and he got it too, but he had the fever that comes with it. It was quite a ride! Again, hope you continue to improve, and thanks for the kit!

  4. Barb

    Always take care of yourself first !! I’m always happy to wait for good art…thanks again

  5. Sue L

    Holly, I love the bright colors and the great word art in this kit. Thank you so much for sharing it.

  6. Shannon

    Sorry to hear you’ve been hit with more health issues, but glad to hear you’re on the mend from the COVID scare. I love the kit and the word art looks amazing! Thank you for putting this all together despite your health concerns.

  7. Lily

    Wow, I hope you are well and truly recovered by now (13th Oct) .. what a horrible time you have been through 🙁 Hopefully all the family members are all healthy & happy too! Thank you so much for still making such a wonderful contribution, despite all your troubles. Big Hugs !

  8. Lorri

    Thanks. I like the word art add on too. I wish everyone gets better soon. I know its hard to be patient. But our bodies really do tell us what’s going on.

  9. Cesc

    Thanks for this wonderful kit. Your hand painted papers are charming and I love your use of a bright and cheerful palette. Hope your are continuing to feel better and better.

  10. Mary K

    Thanks, Holly! Glad you are on the rebound, hoping you take it slow to recover fully. This kit is fabulous and fun, thank you so ,uch!

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