Patterned Overlays #1
This pack of pattern overlays is HUGE, 38 in total! Patterns range from simple diamonds and chevrons suitable for everyday kits to complex trellis patterns that would look fabulous as a metallic pattern on a solid color in a New Year's kit. Some are composed of multiple layers, and are in layered PSD format, while the remainder are supplied as transparent PNGs. All are 12" x 12" at 300 dpi, and are commercial-use friendly, including for CT and freebies.
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Folded Overlays #1
I've always liked folded papers for adding a little more of that "reach out and touch me" feel to digital layouts, and I've put together a pack of them here. There are 8 individual fold patterns here, and I've added a matching sanded fold overlay for each of them to add an easy shabby option. All 8 are untextured, so bring your favorite texture to the party--canvas, linen, cardstock, cold-press watercolor paper--the choice is yours! As with all resources in my shop, these paper overlays are okay for both personal and commercial use.
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Handpainted Paper Blenders 1
Blended papers give such a wonderful look to your kits, and I've handpainted this set of blends using layers of thin ink to help you make those blended papers fast! Each blender comes in a layered PSD with 2-5 blending layers to let you tweak opacities to your heart's content, and in a transparent PNG where I've adjusted the layers to give a good result on most papers. I've left them untextured for maximum flexibility, and as always, they're good for use in your kits for sale as well as for CT, S4H/S4O, and personal use. Please note that this is a fairly large file at 110MB and may take a few minutes to download, depending on your internet connection.
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Fireworks Photo Paper Templates
Fireworks are a part of big celebrations around the world, for everything from the New Year to the 4th of July, Bastille Day, Guy Fawkes Day, Canada Day, Australia Day. Sometimes they're also shot off for big anniversaries, birthdays, weddings, or graduation parties. I've even heard one person call for them at her funeral! (Granted, she's a bit of an eccentric in life as well, so it's not really a surprise there.) These commercial-use paper templates are untextured photographs that I have photographed, edited, and cropped to bring out their best, and they're ready for you to add a texture to them, or try them in overlay or screen modes for an interesting twist. All 19 of them are sized at 12" x 12" and 300dpi to make your life simple.
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Hand-Drawn Patterns 2
I haven't seen a hand-drawn paper that evokes the feel of a classic calico, so I drew a set of layers and painted fill layers for each of them. Those 5 layered patterns are paired with 2 painted overlays to help add some texture. All the layers are designed to mix and match, creating as simple or complex a pattern as you like. One plus a fabric texture looks equally as fabulous as stacking all of them. This listing comes in a PSD version only at this point. If you want a PNG version, post a comment and I'll get one posted.
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Hand-Drawn Paper Patterns #1
I love the look of hand-drawn patterns in a kit--it gives it a bit more organic feel than the perfect vectors that many pattern papers evoke. And while grunging up a vector helps, it still ends up feeling like a worn mass-produced paper. That's great for more formal kits, but not for more hand-drawn ones. This pack of hand-drawn patterns comes as 7 black-and-transparent PNG overlays so that you can recolor, mix, match, stack, and rotate your way to a unique-looking patterned paper. Once you've got a pattern you like, tweak blend modes, add texture and save your unique flattened JPG. For your convenience, I've also included a PSD with all 7 layers included. While these are designed for commercial use in designing your own papers for sale, they're fine for personal use as overlays or for making your own papers, too. PLEASE NOTE: The images in the slideshow are patterns I've made by coloring and stacking these PNGs. You will get thumbnails of these patterns in the download, but they are NOT the product, they are examples of what patterns you can get by combining these layers! The actual product is the 7 PNGs. You will have to mix, match, and color them yourself to create patterns.
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