Boho Spring Layout Templates
I've got a whole album's worth of layout templates with a rather boho vibe. No feathers and arrows, but the stamped doily shapes in the background make these into templates you'll love to use over and over. All of them are 12x12 at 300 dpi, and while each layout can stand alone and look good, it also has a mate for the facing page. As with all of my templates, Boho Spring templates are okay for commercial use, including CT and freebies, or you can simply use them for your own personal projects.
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“Mother’s Day” Layout Templates
Just in time to have on hand for those Mother's Day layouts, here's a set of 4 layout templates perfect for scrapping the person who's known you longest. Don't let the title limit you, though--these can be used to scrap layouts about any special lady, like a sister, best friend, grandmother, and they can be used for anniversary or birthday photos as well. The only limit is your imagination!
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“Autumn Leaves” Layout Templates
Just in time to scrap those photos of windy days, chilly nights, and fall foliage, here's a set of templates featuring autumn leaf shapes. You can use them as layout guides for placing kit elements, or simply clip kit papers to the leaf shapes--either way will help you make a gorgeous layout in a snap! The templates are supplied as layered PSDs, and one has editable text on a path. They're commercial-use friendly, and can be used for CT layouts as well as quickpages, even freebies. I do ask for credit in your credits document if you use them to make promotional materials/freebies for a kit you're selling. So pick up the templates, grab your favorite kit and a hot drink, and make yourself a beautiful page today!
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DIY Planner Templates
It's the beginning of a new year, and that means a new calendar for many people. I've chosen to create 8.5x11 (US Letter size) pages for mine, so that it can be packed right into my portable art studio, which is a slightly modified letter-size zippered student binder. They'll scale perfectly to 5.5x8.5 inches to fit "desk size", half-letter, and A5 planners; I just prefer having more room to write. If you haven't hopped on the planner bandwagon because it's too expensive or takes too much time, these are fantastic because you can print them on whatever printer you already have. The layered PSDs are labeled and grouped by section to make it easy to navigate; if you have a few stacked papers that coordinate, you could create an entire customized dated planner in an afternoon. The monthly pages are set up with perpetual calendar date grids, which will let you make calendars for any year, for US or international use. I've already done the work of getting the number grids into place for the months--just turn on the group labeled "1st in Column 2" to get numbers 1-31 starting in the Monday (US) or Tuesday (International) column. Groups with weekday labels for both Sunday and Monday week starts are included--just turn on the correct layers. Edit the month name and label the holidays that are important to you (Easter is March 27 this year). I've included a sample from my personal planner at the end of the product gallery. As you can see, I chose to modify the templates after making mine, to allow for punching holes or not having to write so close to the gutter of the booklet. You can tell that I also love the crazier holidays; they're often good idea fodder for new kits, and others just make you grin that someone made a holiday of that (Bubble Wrap Appreciation Day, for example, or Appreciate a Dragon Day). Mine took a fair bit more work than just an afternoon to customize, but inspiration is critical for me to keep designing new things! Yours can be more or less plain, or you can print them plain and add physical stickers rather than digital elements, if you prefer. The weekly pages are undated, and the layout is designed for Monday-Friday in the 5 large columns, which is when most people need space. I've left it simple as a series of boxes and lines so that you can use them one of two ways: either number the boxes to correspond to your working hours, or leave them blank and write in a time if you happen to have an appointment that day. I write in appointments at the top of the column and make a to-do list from the bottom up. They're flexible enough to use for students whose concerns are more about which class is on what day and upcoming due dates and exams, too--and the 8.5x11 size means a 12-week term's worth will fit easily into the binder you probably already carry, or in a simple report cover. No planner is complete, for me, without chore and shopping lists, so they're included. If you're printing undated monthly pages, I suggest printing the chore and shopping lists on the back sides (chores on the back of the right-hand calendar page so there's room on the same edge of the paper for your hole punches!) There are no address book pages; I haven't kept an address book in years. My phone and Google backup take care of that for me. The other thing I wanted in my planner, which I haven't been able to find anywhere else, is a set of pages to help organize the process of designing scrapbooking kits. Each kit planner is a 2-page spread, with room for everything from important dates to the palette, element ideas, and final release preparations. The elements, papers, and word art columns each have a second row of checkboxes for when the element's been QC'd, so you can always be sure what's ready to go if you've kept a pen handy!
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