“HollyDaze” Journal Card Templates
It seems like everyone in the digiscrap world scraps their Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, Yule, or New Year's celebrations, and these journal card templates were created to make those winter pocket pages a snap. From snow days to holiday gifts, sweets, cookies, and New Year's resolutions, there's a little something here to help scrap it. Just clip your favorite papers to the layers, replace or add text if you'd like, maybe swap in 1-2 elements for dimension, and save a card that's perfectly matched to your kit. As always, my templates are CU-friendly, including for CT and freebie use, and while I always appreciate credit, it's not required.
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“Night Out” Title Templates
Consistent title styles help a lot to pull an album together, and these are designed to speed that process along. There are 18 title templates in this bundle, created with a heavy sans font and a readable simple script so they'll work with a wide variety of layout styles. Clip papers to them for titles that work well, or up the wow factor by adding glitter, vellum, or acrylic styles to the layers. The full list of titles included is: All Dressed Up, At The Theater, At The Theatre, Catch A Movie, Concert Fun, Dancing the Night Away, Date Night, Gala Evening, Game Night, Happy Anniversary, Happy Birthday (the "my love" shown is left editable to add any name you wish), Holiday Banquet, It's A Party!, Ladies Night, Late Night Nosh, Picnic in the Park, A Romantic Dinner, and Taking A Class. One of those should cover ALMOST any night out, and I could see a series of them working as well for some nights; I've used All Dressed Up, A Romantic Dinner, Gala Evening, and Dancing the Night Away to create a 4-page set for pre/post-wedding celebrations, as well as a custom With This Ring for the ceremony itself. As always, my templates are commercial use-friendly, including for CT and freebie uses, and credit is appreciated but not required.
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Corner Cluster Templates #1
Good clustering can really make or break a page, and the clusters in this pack are specifically designed to anchor a corner of your layout. All you need to do is place elements from your kit where the shapes indicate, or clip papers to the shapes, and you've got a lush cluster to make your page look perfect. The templates are sized as shown on the preview, and delivered in a layered PSD format. As always, my templates are CU-friendly, including CT and freebie use.
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“Star-Studded” Journal Card Templates
There's always a need for fun journal cards, and this pack is full of stars! I could see these being used for celebrations like birthdays or anniversaries, documenting kids' turns on the stage, hard-earned successes, a trip to the planetarium or out watching a meteor shower, or just making notes about an awesome day or week. There are lots of options, so let your imagination run free! This pack includes 8 layered PSDs in 3" x 4" size. As with all of my templates, they're CU-friendly, including for CT layouts and freebies.
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Metallic Washi Tapes & Templates
Everyone loves washi tape, and I'm no exception! I've scanned and extracted a few strips of my favorite all-purpose metallic tapes for use in your pages. You're welcome to use these in scrap-for-hire projects as well as in freebie clusters and quickpages offered on your blog, as long as the original cannot easily be extracted from your finished project, and your finished project is flattened. For those of you who design your own elements and kits, these tapes can be used in your kits for sale as long as credit is given in your credits document. They can be used in CT promo layouts and freebies as well. There are 15 individual tape strips in the pack, plus grayscale versions of each.
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Floral Clusters Journal Card Templates
Who says you can't use clusters in pocket scrapping? These journal cards in 3x4 and 4x6 sizes will help you create fantastic clusters on cards that you can use to add heavy journaling or a gorgeous title card to your pocket layout. And, since they're commercial-use friendly, designers and CT members can use them to make fabulous freebies in a snap, as well. Each card shown is saved as a layered PSD file--four 3x4 cards and four 4x6, all in a coordinating style which will work well with a variety of kit themes, from tropical to romantic, spring and summer seasons, Easter, Mother's Day, or even an everyday kit.
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Fireworks Photo Paper Templates
Fireworks are a part of big celebrations around the world, for everything from the New Year to the 4th of July, Bastille Day, Guy Fawkes Day, Canada Day, Australia Day. Sometimes they're also shot off for big anniversaries, birthdays, weddings, or graduation parties. I've even heard one person call for them at her funeral! (Granted, she's a bit of an eccentric in life as well, so it's not really a surprise there.) These commercial-use paper templates are untextured photographs that I have photographed, edited, and cropped to bring out their best, and they're ready for you to add a texture to them, or try them in overlay or screen modes for an interesting twist. All 19 of them are sized at 12" x 12" and 300dpi to make your life simple.
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