“Springtime Birds” Layered Templates
Spring is around the corner, and the birds are singing outside in the mornings. It inspired me to create this set of 6 layered templates to cover a variety of kit themes. There are a few songbirds and a friendly bird with one wing lifted in what could be a wave or sheltering something below it. Of course, since there's a chicken coop in the backyard, I had to include a chick and rooster. I included extra layers with most to add (optional) color to the throat and chest, and you could certainly swap out wings and/or tailfeathers to create even more options. All are sized as shown relative to a 12" x 12" paper. Drop shadows are for preview only. As with all my templates, these are free to use in kits you're making for sale, including associated CT and freebie use.
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Layered Flowers #1 Templates
It's a rare kit that doesn't need at least a few flowers, and while they're not the most difficult thing in the world to make if you've created a bunch of shapes, it can still be time-consuming to make them look just right. These layered vector flowers take the design work out of making the shapes and stacking them attractively, freeing your time up for creating your themed elements. I've included a mix of simpler and more complex styles in a range of sizes to provide variety, as well as including some classic spring and autumn flowers. The largest template is around 3" in diameter, while the smallest is about 1.5", though you can of course scale them down if you'd prefer them smaller. As always, my templates are CU-friendly, including for CT and freebie use.
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Acrylic Brads Templates
This set of brads and flairs is designed to make quick work of adding a few to your kit. With several shapes to choose from, and several sizes per shape, there's always something that'll fit perfectly! I've included hearts, hexagons, stars, and a couple of arrows in addition to the traditional round and square shapes. Sizes range from tiny 1/4" studs to a 2" round flair. As always, my templates are CU-friendly, including for CT and freebie use.
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Extracted Roses Templates
Roses are such a popular flower for special occasions, which means they're almost expected in some digital scrapbooking kits, especially those with Valentine's Day, love, wedding, anniversary, and even funeral themes. Expand your stash with this dozen, which range from perfect buds to to full blooms, and a couple that are beginning to fade. Luckily, these will always hold their shape. :) There are 12 individual flowers included in this kit, each available in an original color version and in grayscale. Where there were centers or sepals on the extracted flowers, the grayscale image is a layered PSD; otherwise, all images are PNG. Most are around 1000px on the long side, as shown on the preview. Like all my original items, these are CU with credit. I'd prefer if you modify them somehow (pattern, glitter, etc) if you want to use them in a CU kit, but you're free to use them as-is or recolored in PU kits, as long as there's a credit in your credits document for them.
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