Painted Edgers #1
Special edges can elevate a relatively plain paper to a great one. Use these paint versions as paint in another kit color, or play with blend modes for a tone-on-tone look. Clip another paper to them for a different style. Shrink them down to paint edges on frames if you'd like.
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Handpainted Ornate Frames
Ornate frames are a perennial favorite in digital scrapbooking because they always add an elegant touch to a special photo. They're almost always extracted photographs, though, and that just never seems quite right on a more artsy page. These three will fit right in, though, since they're each a work of art in their own right and show off their handpainted nature in visible brush strokes and less-perfect edges. Each comes as a layered PSD with a base color, shadow, and highlight layer so that you can recolor them to your taste. If you're a traditionalist, just recolor the base layer and tweak the blend modes on the other two. You can achieve some fantastic mixed-media effects by clipping a patterned paper as an overlay to the base color layer, too, and then letting the shadow and highlight layers add dimension. If you're going for a psychedelic look, try recoloring each layer with contrasting colors. As with all of my CU originals, you're welcome to use these for personal and commercial use, including CT layouts and kit release freebies--just be sure they're modified in some way and flattened for freebies, and credit me for the original templates.
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Painted Autumn Leaf Templates
This kit has 11 autumn leaves, drawn and painted by hand in ArtRage, then saved as layered PSDs so you can tweak colors to match your kit or change them up entirely. You can use the outline layers separately if you just want to use the line art, too. My CU terms are fairly lenient, as well--you can use them as-is or modified, just provide credit in your Credits document and don't share/sell the layered files. While they're designed for commercial use, I painted them in realistic colors, so a quick save as PNG will let you use them to add a lovely artistic touch to your autumn layouts.
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Hand-Drawn Patterns 2
I haven't seen a hand-drawn paper that evokes the feel of a classic calico, so I drew a set of layers and painted fill layers for each of them. Those 5 layered patterns are paired with 2 painted overlays to help add some texture. All the layers are designed to mix and match, creating as simple or complex a pattern as you like. One plus a fabric texture looks equally as fabulous as stacking all of them. This listing comes in a PSD version only at this point. If you want a PNG version, post a comment and I'll get one posted.
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Snowflake Illustrations #1
I love drawing snowflakes, and this is a collection of some of my favorites drawn over the last few months. They range in size from about 2.5 to 3.5 inches, just the perfect size to add a beautiful accent to your winter pages. As with all of my products, they're commercial-use friendly, but you're more than welcome to use them for personal projects as well.
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Hand-Drawn Paper Patterns #1
I love the look of hand-drawn patterns in a kit--it gives it a bit more organic feel than the perfect vectors that many pattern papers evoke. And while grunging up a vector helps, it still ends up feeling like a worn mass-produced paper. That's great for more formal kits, but not for more hand-drawn ones. This pack of hand-drawn patterns comes as 7 black-and-transparent PNG overlays so that you can recolor, mix, match, stack, and rotate your way to a unique-looking patterned paper. Once you've got a pattern you like, tweak blend modes, add texture and save your unique flattened JPG. For your convenience, I've also included a PSD with all 7 layers included. While these are designed for commercial use in designing your own papers for sale, they're fine for personal use as overlays or for making your own papers, too. PLEASE NOTE: The images in the slideshow are patterns I've made by coloring and stacking these PNGs. You will get thumbnails of these patterns in the download, but they are NOT the product, they are examples of what patterns you can get by combining these layers! The actual product is the 7 PNGs. You will have to mix, match, and color them yourself to create patterns.
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