Boho Spring Layout Templates
I've got a whole album's worth of layout templates with a rather boho vibe. No feathers and arrows, but the stamped doily shapes in the background make these into templates you'll love to use over and over. All of them are 12x12 at 300 dpi, and while each layout can stand alone and look good, it also has a mate for the facing page. As with all of my templates, Boho Spring templates are okay for commercial use, including CT and freebies, or you can simply use them for your own personal projects.
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“Mother’s Day” Layout Templates
Just in time to have on hand for those Mother's Day layouts, here's a set of 4 layout templates perfect for scrapping the person who's known you longest. Don't let the title limit you, though--these can be used to scrap layouts about any special lady, like a sister, best friend, grandmother, and they can be used for anniversary or birthday photos as well. The only limit is your imagination!
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“Askew” Journal Card Templates
My frequent frustration with pocket-style scrapbooking is the grid pattern--there never seems to be enough movement on the page due to it. Life rarely stands still, and if I'm scrapping a particularly active day, I want my layout to reflect the hustle and bustle! These templates are designed to add some dynamic lines to your pages, helping to lead your viewers' eyes around and giving more of a sense of movement to the layout. And, like all my templates, they're commercial-use friendly (including CT and freebies) even if they were created for working with your personal pages. There are a total of 12 layered PSD templates in this pack: 3x4 cards in 6 styles, each with a similarly styled 4x6 card. Pick them up and add a little extra life to your pocket layouts and card kits today!
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Floral Clusters Journal Card Templates
Who says you can't use clusters in pocket scrapping? These journal cards in 3x4 and 4x6 sizes will help you create fantastic clusters on cards that you can use to add heavy journaling or a gorgeous title card to your pocket layout. And, since they're commercial-use friendly, designers and CT members can use them to make fabulous freebies in a snap, as well. Each card shown is saved as a layered PSD file--four 3x4 cards and four 4x6, all in a coordinating style which will work well with a variety of kit themes, from tropical to romantic, spring and summer seasons, Easter, Mother's Day, or even an everyday kit.
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“Autumn Leaves” Layout Templates
Just in time to scrap those photos of windy days, chilly nights, and fall foliage, here's a set of templates featuring autumn leaf shapes. You can use them as layout guides for placing kit elements, or simply clip kit papers to the leaf shapes--either way will help you make a gorgeous layout in a snap! The templates are supplied as layered PSDs, and one has editable text on a path. They're commercial-use friendly, and can be used for CT layouts as well as quickpages, even freebies. I do ask for credit in your credits document if you use them to make promotional materials/freebies for a kit you're selling. So pick up the templates, grab your favorite kit and a hot drink, and make yourself a beautiful page today!
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“Lemonade Dreams” Journal Card Templates
The "Lemonade Dreams" journal cards, like the "Blue Skies" cards, are made to coordinate with the July 2016 PixelScrapper blog train, "Blue Skies and Lemonade". This pack contains 6 3x4 and 3 4x6 templates with a little citrus zing, each saved as a layered PSD. Simple classic styles rub shoulders with a whimsical lemon-wedge smiley face and a couple of oh-so-sweet photo cards, ready to help you show off your "zest" for life!
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“Blue Skies” Journal Card Templates
The Blue Skies templates are a set of cheerful layered journal cards designed to coordinate with the July 2016 PixelScrapper blog train (titled "Blue Skies and Lemonade"). This pack contains 7 3x4 cards and 3 4x6 cards, all in layered PSD format, sure to make you think of bright summer days but still usable year-round.
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“Not Too Basic” Journal Card Templates
This pack of journal cards is designed to help you add a little more flair to your pocket card collection. These incorporate a few more layers than the Back to Basics set, but are still simple enough to work with almost any kit. Most are 5-10 layers, so they'll add a little dimension to your cards as well if you choose to use drop shadows. I've included 20 styles in coordinated 3x4 and 4x6 variants. Individual cards range from traditional paper scrapping styles to dynamic modern geometrics and curves. To use them, just clip papers from your kit, and perhaps replace a flower, button, or ribbon, and you've got a whole new stack of journal cards that coordinate with that kit! All of the template files are in layered PSD format, so they'll work with Photoshop, Elements, GIMP, or PSP, as well as any other program which can open PSDs.
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