Confetti Scatters Templates
Scatters help to add a nice touch to layouts without being as visually heavy as most other elements. This pack of 7 layered PSD scatters is designed so that at least one of them will work with most kits, and includes round, heart, star, and flower shaped confetti punches. Sizes range from about 3.5" to 7.5" on the long side, so there's an option sized for almost any layout. Just clip papers, shadow, and go! As always, my templates are CU-friendly, including CT and freebie use.
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Valentine Scatters
Scatters always add an extra dimension to pages, and I've got 10 good options for those Valentine's Day kits and layouts here. They could also be used for sweet-themed kits, or you could change hue/saturation on the corn to make it fit Halloween candy corn or harvest corn. The satin hearts could work equally well for everyday kits, babies, or weddings, in addition to Valentine's Day. I've left the cinnamon gumdrop hearts and the Valentine corn in their original colors, as it's often easier to tweak colors on them by using a hue/saturation adjustment layer. The satin hearts are in grayscale. All are at their original sizes as shot, ranging from 1500x1368 for the small pile of corn to a full-page-width 3586x2792 scatter of satin hearts. The preview is at 50% scale to show them all. All are commercial-use, CT and freebie friendly with credit, as well as being fine for PU/S4O/S4H.
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