“Kitchen Essentials : Pots and Pans” Element Templates


Cooking-themed kits and pages have a need for pots and pans, and this element template kit is ready to help create them. Whether you’re looking for a saucepan, a skillet, or a big pot for soup, there’s something in this pack for it; I’ve even included a wok for those Asian-food adventures. I’ve put the colander in here with the pots and pans, as I often use mine as a steamer basket in addition to draining pasta. All of the templates except the colander and wok have lids fitted to them, but you can always hide those layers if you want an open-topped pot; I just like having the option to cover a skillet when cooking rice-based dishes or things that tend to spatter oil!

There are 10 layered PSD files in this pack, and as always, they’re CU-friendly, including for freebies and CT use; credit is not required but always appreciated.