“Kitchen Utensils : Essentials”


No cooking page or kit is complete without at least a few cooking utensils, whether it’s a set of measuring spoons and a ladle for that tasty new soup you tried out, or a spatula for that big breakfast kit with the eggs and bacon and pancakes. This element template kit brings you the basic tools every Western kitchen needs, and is great for beginner cooks or non-foodie cooking kits. I could see these also being used to help illustrate a recipe card or even a wall-hung piece of recipe art; the options are all yours! I’ve included measuring spoons, dry and wet measuring cups, a spatula/turner, spoon, slotted spoon, ladle, balloon whisk, rubber spatula, tongs, and a pizza cutter. (And yes, the pizza cutter is an essential for modern life, no matter how much my grandmother would argue it’s not!) There are 21 templates total because I included both the grouped measuring spoons and the individual ones so you can choose how you want to include them in your kit or page.

As always, my templates are CU-friendly, including for CT and freebie use, and credit is not required but always appreciated.