“Askew” Journal Card Templates

$2.49 + taxes

My frequent frustration with pocket-style scrapbooking is the grid pattern–there never seems to be enough movement on the page due to it. Life rarely stands still, and if I’m scrapping a particularly active day, I want my layout to reflect the hustle and bustle! These templates are designed to add some dynamic lines to your pages, helping to lead your viewers’ eyes around and giving more of a sense of movement to the layout. And, like all my templates, they’re commercial-use friendly (including CT and freebies) even if they were created for working with your personal pages.

There are a total of 12 layered PSD templates in this pack: 3×4 cards in 6 styles, each with a similarly styled 4×6 card. Pick them up and add a little extra life to your pocket layouts and card kits today!