Velvet Ribbon Templates
There are 21 lengths and long-tailed bows made from artfully arranged 3/8" woven velvet ribbon in this pack, ready to be colored to match your romantic kits. All have been left at their original resolution so you can have bigger or smaller ribbons if you choose. The smallest is 996x1640, while the largest is 4313x1709. They've been extracted using vector masking and should resize very smoothly. These would be perfect for winter romance, Victorian-style, wedding, and Mother's Day kits, among others. My TOU allow for commercial use with credit, including modified freebies and CT use.
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Talkative Journal Card Templates
I wanted to add a couple of "in-the-moment" quotes to a pocket page and didn't have any good speech bubble cards in my stash, so I started creating some simple templates (just a couple, right? Yeah, like THAT happens...) and ended up with a new kit for the shop. All of them are 3 by 4 inches and designed to be able to use in both vertical and horizontal orientations. There are 15 simple speech bubble templates in the full pack, ready to help add those memorable quotes to your pocket pages, or to give you some speedy cards for your kits--just clip papers and maybe add word art and you've got a card ready to go. Try a halftone overlay to bring out a true comic-book feel, or some paint spatters for an artsy look. Add an element or two for a 3D card. Try subway art in the rectangular bubbles, or clip a lined paper to them. Or add a line around the edges using a stroke layer style, or use a drop shadow to add dimension. However you choose to use these, they make for a fantastic way to make a page talk! As always, they're commercial-use friendly, including for CT and freebies, providing credit is given in your credits document.
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Handpainted Ornate Frames
Ornate frames are a perennial favorite in digital scrapbooking because they always add an elegant touch to a special photo. They're almost always extracted photographs, though, and that just never seems quite right on a more artsy page. These three will fit right in, though, since they're each a work of art in their own right and show off their handpainted nature in visible brush strokes and less-perfect edges. Each comes as a layered PSD with a base color, shadow, and highlight layer so that you can recolor them to your taste. If you're a traditionalist, just recolor the base layer and tweak the blend modes on the other two. You can achieve some fantastic mixed-media effects by clipping a patterned paper as an overlay to the base color layer, too, and then letting the shadow and highlight layers add dimension. If you're going for a psychedelic look, try recoloring each layer with contrasting colors. As with all of my CU originals, you're welcome to use these for personal and commercial use, including CT layouts and kit release freebies--just be sure they're modified in some way and flattened for freebies, and credit me for the original templates.
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Valentine Scatters
Scatters always add an extra dimension to pages, and I've got 10 good options for those Valentine's Day kits and layouts here. They could also be used for sweet-themed kits, or you could change hue/saturation on the corn to make it fit Halloween candy corn or harvest corn. The satin hearts could work equally well for everyday kits, babies, or weddings, in addition to Valentine's Day. I've left the cinnamon gumdrop hearts and the Valentine corn in their original colors, as it's often easier to tweak colors on them by using a hue/saturation adjustment layer. The satin hearts are in grayscale. All are at their original sizes as shot, ranging from 1500x1368 for the small pile of corn to a full-page-width 3586x2792 scatter of satin hearts. The preview is at 50% scale to show them all. All are commercial-use, CT and freebie friendly with credit, as well as being fine for PU/S4O/S4H.
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Stacker Templates #1
These templates help in the creation of predecorated papers, which are a huge shortcut for time-crunched scrappers. Combine a stacker paper with a few photos and some journaling, and you're practically done--you might want to add a frame for a main photo, or use a blending mask to blend the photo onto the page, or add a few elements to accent the photos, but you can create a layout in an hour that looks like it took half the day to make. All 4 are layered PSD files, 12"x12" at 300dpi--grab your favorite kit and clip papers to the large pieces, put flowers, leaves, and other elements where indicated, and save a beautiful new paper to help shortcut your layout time! These templates are CU-friendly, as well, so if you're making freebies or CT layouts, feel free; all I ask is that you give me credit for the stacker template in a credits document.
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Word Strip Cluster Templates
I always have trouble using word strips, so I've made a few clusters to help myself get them into my personal layouts more often. These are versatile, though; you could substitute anything long and narrow, like Dymo labels, file folder labels, ribbon pieces, or narrow tags. They're also handy little clusters to add to a very basic patterned-paper journal card for something that really pops. All 10 are in layered PSD format, sized as shown in the preview. Usage terms: PU/S4O/S4H/CU with credit. May be used for freebies or CT use, provided credit is given.
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Extracted Roses Templates
Roses are such a popular flower for special occasions, which means they're almost expected in some digital scrapbooking kits, especially those with Valentine's Day, love, wedding, anniversary, and even funeral themes. Expand your stash with this dozen, which range from perfect buds to to full blooms, and a couple that are beginning to fade. Luckily, these will always hold their shape. :) There are 12 individual flowers included in this kit, each available in an original color version and in grayscale. Where there were centers or sepals on the extracted flowers, the grayscale image is a layered PSD; otherwise, all images are PNG. Most are around 1000px on the long side, as shown on the preview. Like all my original items, these are CU with credit. I'd prefer if you modify them somehow (pattern, glitter, etc) if you want to use them in a CU kit, but you're free to use them as-is or recolored in PU kits, as long as there's a credit in your credits document for them.
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DIY Planner Templates
It's the beginning of a new year, and that means a new calendar for many people. I've chosen to create 8.5x11 (US Letter size) pages for mine, so that it can be packed right into my portable art studio, which is a slightly modified letter-size zippered student binder. They'll scale perfectly to 5.5x8.5 inches to fit "desk size", half-letter, and A5 planners; I just prefer having more room to write. If you haven't hopped on the planner bandwagon because it's too expensive or takes too much time, these are fantastic because you can print them on whatever printer you already have. The layered PSDs are labeled and grouped by section to make it easy to navigate; if you have a few stacked papers that coordinate, you could create an entire customized dated planner in an afternoon. The monthly pages are set up with perpetual calendar date grids, which will let you make calendars for any year, for US or international use. I've already done the work of getting the number grids into place for the months--just turn on the group labeled "1st in Column 2" to get numbers 1-31 starting in the Monday (US) or Tuesday (International) column. Groups with weekday labels for both Sunday and Monday week starts are included--just turn on the correct layers. Edit the month name and label the holidays that are important to you (Easter is March 27 this year). I've included a sample from my personal planner at the end of the product gallery. As you can see, I chose to modify the templates after making mine, to allow for punching holes or not having to write so close to the gutter of the booklet. You can tell that I also love the crazier holidays; they're often good idea fodder for new kits, and others just make you grin that someone made a holiday of that (Bubble Wrap Appreciation Day, for example, or Appreciate a Dragon Day). Mine took a fair bit more work than just an afternoon to customize, but inspiration is critical for me to keep designing new things! Yours can be more or less plain, or you can print them plain and add physical stickers rather than digital elements, if you prefer. The weekly pages are undated, and the layout is designed for Monday-Friday in the 5 large columns, which is when most people need space. I've left it simple as a series of boxes and lines so that you can use them one of two ways: either number the boxes to correspond to your working hours, or leave them blank and write in a time if you happen to have an appointment that day. I write in appointments at the top of the column and make a to-do list from the bottom up. They're flexible enough to use for students whose concerns are more about which class is on what day and upcoming due dates and exams, too--and the 8.5x11 size means a 12-week term's worth will fit easily into the binder you probably already carry, or in a simple report cover. No planner is complete, for me, without chore and shopping lists, so they're included. If you're printing undated monthly pages, I suggest printing the chore and shopping lists on the back sides (chores on the back of the right-hand calendar page so there's room on the same edge of the paper for your hole punches!) There are no address book pages; I haven't kept an address book in years. My phone and Google backup take care of that for me. The other thing I wanted in my planner, which I haven't been able to find anywhere else, is a set of pages to help organize the process of designing scrapbooking kits. Each kit planner is a 2-page spread, with room for everything from important dates to the palette, element ideas, and final release preparations. The elements, papers, and word art columns each have a second row of checkboxes for when the element's been QC'd, so you can always be sure what's ready to go if you've kept a pen handy!
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Winter Branches #1
I needed some natural elements for a layout I was making, and apparently nobody is brave enough to extract evergreen branches without charging a fortune for them, so I photographed and extracted my own. These are priced a little higher than my usual element or papers kits, but I spent most of a week on them. Each spruce twig takes about 2 hours to extract, using the fastest clean method I know (by comparison, I extracted a small, simple maple leaf in 8 minutes the other day). It's a good thing I don't charge minimum wage for my time! :) As with all my products, these are commercial-use friendly with attribution in your credits document, or can also be used for personal layouts or S4H/S4O. See the associated new product announcement post on the store blog for the freebie wreath made with these elements (plus a couple of my snowflakes). The clusters are for demonstration purposes only and are not included in the download, though they will be going out to newsletter subscribers soon as a freebie. (I'll add them to the new subscriber welcome newsletter, as well, so if you miss the original newsletter, you'll still be able to get them for a few weeks.)
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Fireworks Photo Paper Templates
Fireworks are a part of big celebrations around the world, for everything from the New Year to the 4th of July, Bastille Day, Guy Fawkes Day, Canada Day, Australia Day. Sometimes they're also shot off for big anniversaries, birthdays, weddings, or graduation parties. I've even heard one person call for them at her funeral! (Granted, she's a bit of an eccentric in life as well, so it's not really a surprise there.) These commercial-use paper templates are untextured photographs that I have photographed, edited, and cropped to bring out their best, and they're ready for you to add a texture to them, or try them in overlay or screen modes for an interesting twist. All 19 of them are sized at 12" x 12" and 300dpi to make your life simple.
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Steampunk Snowmen
If you're like me, you're always looking for that unique element to add to your kits, and these little guys certainly fit the bill for winter kits. They're extracted photos of a pair of little wooden figurines I found in a thrift store, and I've never seen anything like them since. If you've wanted to do a steampunk-type Christmas kit, here's inspiration for it! These are simply extracted PNGs in their original colors, but you can recolor them easily by painting a layer over them in color mode and clipping it to the originals. As always, they're commercial-use friendly.
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Painted Autumn Leaf Templates
This kit has 11 autumn leaves, drawn and painted by hand in ArtRage, then saved as layered PSDs so you can tweak colors to match your kit or change them up entirely. You can use the outline layers separately if you just want to use the line art, too. My CU terms are fairly lenient, as well--you can use them as-is or modified, just provide credit in your Credits document and don't share/sell the layered files. While they're designed for commercial use, I painted them in realistic colors, so a quick save as PNG will let you use them to add a lovely artistic touch to your autumn layouts.
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